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Supporters rally behind Coutts blockade accused in court

The three men who are facing charges of mischief for their alleged involvement in the Coutts blockade earlier this year were back in Lethbridge court Friday. Dozens of protesters were also outside the courthouse showing their support of the three accused. Angela Stewart has more from what happened in court.Read More

Freedom Convoy spokesperson says bank apologized

A spokesperson for the Freedom Convoy protest, Benjamin Dichter, said he received an apology from the office of the CEO of Scotiabank Brian Porter. This was in response to freezing his bank account during the convoy. In the letter Dichter said Porter apologized for the “frustration and inconvenience this situation may have caused and thank […]Read More

Would be arsonists not affiliated with Convoy

We chatted with John Carpay, president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, about the report from the Ottawa Police which says the would be Ottawa arsonists had no connection to the Freedom Convoy that took place in our nation’s capital.Read More

Trucking industry affected by high fuel prices

The high prices of gas are not only burning a hole in our pockets but it’s also having a negative impact on the trucking industry. Al Nelson of CJD trucking says over 30 per cent of their operating costs are related to fuel and when it increases, it doesn’t make the job easier. He says […]Read More

Emergencies Act Concerns

Political reporter, Brian Lilley, says many Canadians feel that the Trudeau Liberals implementing the Emergencies Act is an incredible government overreach. Lilley says it sets a dangerous precedent when the Act can allow people’s bank accounts to be frozen.Read More

Coutts border blockade affects village and country

For more than two weeks access to the Coutts border crossing had been blocked as protesters wanted to send a simple message to politicians, drop the COVID-19 mandates. As Angela Stewart explains, the blockade not only affected those who live in the Village of Coutts but also had a big impact on our country economically.Read More

Truckers leave Coutts border

It appears as though most of those who were protesting government mandates have left the Coutts Border crossing. It was a place that was previously blocked by protesters supporting the Freedom Convoy and those who are against government COVID-19 mandates. A number of highway tractors and other vehicles could be seen leaving the scene and […]Read More

Civil Rights Lawyer on GiveSendGo funds for convoy truckers

After the Ontario Government filed an injunction to have the $8-million from the Freedom Convoy’s Give Send Go campaign frozen, an Alberta Civil Rights lawyer says he doesn’t believe Canada has jurisdiction over an American company. “It’s my understanding and my opinion without having looked into everything as deeply as maybe necessary where I retained […]Read More

Not easy to remove PM Justin Trudeau

Political reporter, Brian Lilley, says organizers with the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa have to be realistic with their demands including having Justin Trudeau removed as prime minister. Mr. Lilley outside of an election, it is not easy removing a sitting prime minister. Read More

RCMP on Coutts protest

RCMP say they will be taking further action to put an end to the protest at the Coutts border. Police say they want to resolve the situation down at the border in a safe and peaceful way, but they have seen activity happen that is dangerous and reckless. Deputy Commissioner Curtis Zablocki says they plan […]Read More

Medicine Hat barber giving back to truckers

A Medicine Hat barber is giving the gift of fresh buzz cuts to the truckers in Ottawa. Calvin Isaac Maltin, Owner of Isaac Barbershop, will be heading to our nation’s capital where he plans to give haircuts to anyone in the Freedom Convoy who needs or wants one. Maltin says he supports what the truckers […]Read More

Manitoba trucker speaks out

Manitoba trucker, Elmer Penner, who is taking part in the Freedom Convoy 2022 which is heading to Ottawa says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needs to resign. Penner also says the federal government needs to scrap the COVID-19 mandates.Read More

Freedom Convoy in Manitoba

The Freedom Convoy which recently passed through Alberta and Saskatchewan has now made its way to Manitoba. Organizers are hoping to have around 50 thousand truckers join in by the time the group reaches Ottawa this weekend. Many of the truckers we have spoken to say this convoy is not just about the COVID-19 vaccine […]Read More

Will leaders talk with truckers with Freedom Convoy?

Will any of the federal party leaders meet with the truckers with the Freedom Convoy once they arrive in Ottawa? Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has apparently already said no. I asked political reporter, Brian Lilley, his thoughts if perhaps Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole would make an appearance and chat with those who are part of […]Read More

Freedom Convoy truckers reach southern Alberta

The Freedom Convoy featuring truckers tired of COVID-19 mandates are taking their message to Ottawa. The group rolled into Medicine Hat/Redcliff on Monday afternoon saying they have received a lot of support along the way. A Go Fund Me campaign in support of the truckers to help provide fuel, food and lodgings has raised more […]Read More

Studies on Ivermectin

There are a number of Canadians who strongly believe in Ivermectin to treat those with COVID-19. Political reporter Brian Lilley says a number of studies have been done on the drug by the federal government as to its effectiveness. Mr. Lilley says those studies can be found online. Read More