Hal Roberts

Hal is a veteran journalist with 30 years in the industry. He worked as a parliamentary reporter on the Hill interviewing federal leaders and cabinet ministers. Hal also covered the Ottawa terrorist attack in 2014, and has worked as an anchor/reporter in Toronto, Peterborough and Calgary. He worked as a reporter and anchor for business shows airing on BNN, Global and CHCH-TV. During his 10 year radio career he hosted a show called Roberts on the Road on KG Country. Hal was blessed to win a few awards in his career including one as senior producer for a TV show on human trafficking which aired on CTS.

Woke policies killed bank says U.S. correspondent

One of the big business stories we have shared on BCN is of the downfall of the Silcon Valley Bank and their alleged risky practices. American correspondent, and one of our regular contributors, Lisa Daftari, says a big reason why the bank failed was because of its woke policies which had a major impact on […]Read More

Come Together Evangelistic Event in June

A major evangelistic event called Come Together is taking place June 2-4 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. There will be lots of Christian music, guest speakers and other events taking place. To discuss it in more detail is one of the organizers of The Come Together event Tyrelle Smith with Gospel Fire For All Nations. Tyrelle joined […]Read More

Inventor of mRNA technology says we were lied to.

There are some in the healthcare industry who say we were lied to in regards to the COVID-19 vaccines. That is according to controversial Dr. Robert Malone who is a recognized scientist and physician. He is also the inventor of mRNA technology. Dr. Malone says the lies were plentiful from various levels of government. Read More

Parents need to monitor kids’ screen time says expert

Limiting screen time when kids are online is vital to a child’s health. That is according to Dr. Robin Bright who is the interim Dean of Faculty for Education at the University of Lethbridge. Dr. Bright says it is important for parents to monitor their kids’ online activities especially when they’re really young.   Read More

Syrian man wakes up at his own funeral

The death toll from the earthquake ravaged areas in both Turkey and Syria has now reached more than 50 thousand. In the midst of all of the tragedy and pulling people from the rubble is a miraculous story. A Syrian man who was thought to be dead woke up at his own funeral. Our foreign […]Read More

A new poll has UCP and NDP in virtual tie.

A recent poll has the UCP and NDP in a virtual tie in our province. There is also a large percentage of Albertans (22 per cent) who are undecided. Our legislative reporter, Tyler Dawson, talk a little bit about where each party is receiving the bulk of their support. The provincial election is coming up […]Read More

Rapporteur to answer to Trudeau directly says political reporter

Prime Minister Trudeau is going to be appointing a special rapporteur to look into potential election interference. Political reporter, Brian Lilley, says Trudeau will announce who it is and this individual will answer to the PM directly. In this interview with BCN’s Hal Roberts, Mr. Lilley will also discuss comments CPC leader Pierre Poilievre made […]Read More

WHO seeking COVID-19 answers

The World Health Organization is urging all countries to reveal what they know about the  origins of COVID-19 after claims from the US government agencies that a lab in China leaked the virus was denied by Beijing. Our foreign affairs expert, Lisa Daftari, says the man who was face of healthcare during the pandemic in […]Read More

Will China invade Taiwan?

There has been more talk coming out of China about a potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan. President Xi Jinping is allegedly telling his troops to be ready by the year 2027. Our foreign affairs expert, Lisa Daftari, says with all of the financial and military support from the west going to Ukraine right now the […]Read More

Security expert discusses potential Chinese interference

Nations appear to be rising and falling as global diplomacy and power brokers look to be on divergent paths. With revelations of Chinese police stations on Canadian soil and allegations of Chinese interference in the last federal election, what can Canada do? Professor Christian Leuprecht of the Royal Military College of Canada says Canadians need […]Read More

Science researcher says we shouldn’t cover up.

There are a number of people who cannot stand wearing masks especially those that were forced upon us during the COVID-19 pandemic. Health officials reiterated that they were not only for our benefit but also to protect others from catching the virus. Ivor Cummins is a science researcher and health advocate from Ireland. He says […]Read More

Lethbridge MP takes issue with MAID bill.

Many Canadians are upset at the possibility of the federal government adding minors to the Medical Assistance in Dying bill. You can include Lethbridge MP Rachael Thomas in that group who says she has some serious concerns. She says adding minors to MAID sends the wrong message. Thomas explains in this interview with BCN’s Hal […]Read More

Political reporter with details of MLAs not seeking re-election.

Alberta Trade Minister and Calgary northeast MLA Rajan Sawhney  announced that she will not be seeking re-election in May. Our legislative reporter, Tyler Dawson, says as we get closer to election day on May 29th more MLAs may make a similar move. Dawson also discusses how the UCP is leading the NDP at the polls and […]Read More

Freedom Convoy lawyer offers thoughts on Rouleau report

Eva Chipiuk is a lawyer who is representing protesters who participated in the Freedom Convoy last winter in Ottawa. She gave us her thoughts on the recently released Justice Rouleau report which stated that the Trudeau government had every right to invoke the Emergencies Act last February during the protests.Read More

CTF not impressed with six-figure CBC employees

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is sounding the alarm when it comes to the amount of CBC employees who are now earning six-figure salaries. The group’s federal director, Franco Terrazzano, says the amount of employees at the public broadcaster earning a six-figure plus salary has doubled since Justin Trudeau became prime minister is 2015. He shares […]Read More

New poll shows UCP in the lead

If the provincial election was held today it would appear as though Danielle Smith and the UCP would be re-elected. A recent poll by Think HQ says the UCP currently has 48 per cent support compared to the NDP’s 45 per cent. Our legislative reporter Tyler Dawson says this is the first time in quite […]Read More

Conservatives bail reform motion shot down.

The federal Conservatives motion on bail reform was shot down by all of the other parties. Political reporter, Brian Lilley, has the details. Mr. Lilley will also discuss how the $6.8 million spent on 10 people at a Calgary quarantine hotel was just the tip of the COVID-19 iceberg. He explains in this interview with […]Read More

Alberta Deputy Premier takes issue with “Just Transition.”

Alberta Deputy Premier, Nathan Neudorf, is speaking out against PM Justin Trudeau’s “Just Transition” plan. Neudorf says we shouldn’t be so quick to transition away from our country’s oil and gas sector. He says the Trudeau Liberals need to stay in their lane. He explains in this interview with BCN’s Hal Roberts. Read More

German Parliamentarian blasts PM Trudeau

You may remember the name Christine Anderson. She is the German politician who spoke out against Justin Trudeau in the European Parliament. Anderson explains why she is not a fan of our prime minister. She says it stems from how Canadians freedoms were squashed during the COVID-19 pandemic.  She explains in this one-on-one interview with […]Read More

Canadian Religious Freedom Summit Feb. 4

Even though the US Supreme Court overturned Roe versus Wade south of the border, it still got a lot of Canadians talking about abortion once again. Darlene McLean is the executive director of the Christian Embassy of Canada. She will also be emceeing the upcoming Canadian Religious Freedom Summit taking place in Ottawa on February […]Read More

How the church helps during difficult times.

The federal government says we may be headed to a recession. Many Canadians are already finding it tough with six per cent inflation. The cost of food and rent continues to climb. It appears as though more churches are helping Canadians through difficult times. That is according to Pastor Doug Shimoda with City Light Church […]Read More

Trucking industry rep discusses inflation impact.

We have all seen the huge increase in food prices as inflation is still hovering well over six per cent. Some food items, however, have seen an increase of 10 to 20 per cent over the past year including many of the vegetables we enjoy. Some of rising food prices can be attributed to the […]Read More

Lethbridge parents charged with assaulting six-week-old daughter.

A father and mother have been charged in connection with the sexual assault of their six-week-old daughter. Lethbridge Police say they were called to a northside home on Wednesday to check on the girl after receiving information that she was being abused. EMS transported the baby to hospital where she remains in critical condition. Upon […]Read More

CTF says CBC needs to be defunded

The federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Franco Terrazzano, says instead of the CBC going on a cross Canada tour promoting itself to Canadians it needs to be defunded. Terrazzano also talks about how the union representing CRA employees is asking for a HUGE raise for its members. He explains in this short Q […]Read More