Civil Rights Lawyer on GiveSendGo funds for convoy truckers

After the Ontario Government filed an injunction to have the $8-million from the Freedom Convoy’s Give Send Go campaign frozen, an Alberta Civil Rights lawyer says he doesn’t believe Canada has jurisdiction over an American company.

“It’s my understanding and my opinion without having looked into everything as deeply as maybe necessary where I retained by one of these organizations. I am not sure whether or not Canada has the jurisdiction to dictate the fundraising efforts of an American non for profit or charity,” says Chad Williamson, Civil Rights Lawyer.

“There are a number of mechanisms folks can use to raise funds, cryptocurrency being one of them. Now there are, my understanding close to five thousand different cryptocurrencies, Altcoins, and some of the big guys like Bitcoin, obviously Ethereum. They are traceable, there are anonymous to a degree, but ultimately if someone wants to make use of those and turn them into currency, they still have to go through an exchange and those are becoming more and more heavily regulated both in Canada and the US.”

Angela Stewart

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