Trucking industry affected by high fuel prices

The high prices of gas are not only burning a hole in our pockets but it’s also having a negative impact on the trucking industry. Al Nelson of CJD trucking says over 30 per cent of their operating costs are related to fuel and when it increases, it doesn’t make the job easier. He says filling those big rigs is very expensive. 

“When it increases by 40 per cent over the period of a couple of months, that’s very very challenging. We have to pass that cost onto our customers but that’s not always possible so you know we end on the short of the deal sometimes,” said Al Nelson of CJD Trucking. “For us I mean if we were getting near to empty put in 900 liters, 900 times $1.60, you’re talking about a little over $1,400 to fill the truck up.”

Nelson believes the UCP scrapping the provincial sales tax on fuel on April 1 will help the trucking industry substantially.  

Angela Stewart

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