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Budget deliberations begin next week at city council

Budget Deliberations will begin at city council next week. Mayor Blaine Hyggen says council has had the opportunity to review everything well in advance to make sure they are all prepared and they are ready to make inform decisions on all the data. Hyggen says this year is difficult given the high cost of inflation. “I’ll […]Read More

City council looks back on 365 days in office

It’s been a full year since Lethbridge Mayor Blaine Hyggen and members of council were sworn in as our current city council. Many of the councilors including John Middleton-Hope say serving on council for the last 365 days has been a real honour.   “I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s been a great year. I have […]Read More

City council members get hands-on experience as a firefighter

Members of city administration and city council took part in Fire Ops 101 this afternoon and got hands-on experience with what it takes to be a firefighter. The participants went through three different scenarios including a structure fire, a car crash, and a medical emergency. “We were able to show them how with our limited […]Read More

City council unanimously votes to bring in bus passes for

City council voted unanimously Tuesday to offer free bus passes to refugees. City Councillor Ryan Parker brought forward a motion that will see passes be handed over the next six month to any refugees arriving in Lethbridge this year. Parker says funding for this initiative is coming from the council contingency fund. “I am glad […]Read More

Vote to stop paid parking at Enmax Centre shot down

The issue of paid parking at the Enmax Centre has been a hot button talking point lately. City council voted in May to move forward with a five dollar paid parking idea at the event centre starting in September. Lethbridge Councillor John Middleton-Hope filed a motion to city council asking them to rescind paid parking […]Read More

City council votes unanimously on a zero per cent property

A unanimous vote from city council on Tuesday says that there will be a zero per cent increase on property taxes. Residents may see an increase on their entire bill, however, but it won’t be coming from the municipal side. Mayor Blaine Hyggen says the city will work to maintain that zero percent increase. “It […]Read More

Lethbridge Mayor looks back at first 100 days

It’s been exactly 102 days since Blaine Hyggen was elected as Mayor of Lethbridge. Since being sworn in, Hyggen says it’s been a great honour and privilege to serve as mayor. He says the biggest accomplishment so far has been creating the Gateway to Opportunity 2022 Action Plan with the help of council. Hyggen adds […]Read More

Medicine Hat council votes in favour of rec centres

Medicine Hat City Council voted unanimously 9-0 for reopening two rec centres in the city for 2022. The Moose Recreation Centre Arena and the Crestwood Pool Fitness Centre received over $900,000 in funds from the city to be able to be kept in operation into next year. The city is also going ahead with a […]Read More

Lethbridge’s new mayor and council officially sworn in

Lethbridge officially has a new city council following Monday’s swearing-in ceremony.   Mayor Blaine Hyggen and councillors Rajko Dodic, Belinda Crowson, Jenn Schmidt-Rempel, Mark Campbell, John Middleton-Hope, Ryan Parker, Jeff Carlson, and Nick Paladino took the Oath of Office on Monday afternoon.    Mayor Hyggen, who is now the 26th Mayor of Lethbridge, says he […]Read More

Lethbridge Mayor Chris Spearman gives 2021 State of the City

We are just over a month away until the municipal election, and with Mayor Chris Spearman not seeking re-election again. He spent Tuesday morning addressing the State of the City with community members and stakeholders reflecting on the highs and lows of council’s time in office, giving him a chance to look back on the […]Read More

Councillor Jeffrey Coffman not seeking re-election

Lethbridge City Councillor Jeffrey Coffman announced today that he will not be seeking re-election this October. Coffman said when he was re-elected in 2011 he would commit himself to a three-term limit because he says 10 years should be enough time to accomplish the policy agenda that inspired him to run in the first place. […]Read More

City of Lethbridge vote unanimously to repeal face covering bylaw

Lethbridge City Council has officially voted unanimously to repeal the mandatory face covering bylaw. Starting July 1, people in Lethbridge will not have to wear a mask when going out into public spaces.    In an effort to ensure consistent enforcement and understanding of public safety messaging, Lethbridge City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday for […]Read More

City Council advancing Indigenous Place-making strategy

On Tuesday, the Lethbridge City Council voted unanimously to advance the Indigenous Place-making Strategy six months ahead from the originally-scheduled start. The strategy is designed to review and audit public spaces, markers and language to create a more inclusive community for everyone. Councillor Jeff Coffman, says truth and reconciliation will play a big role in […]Read More