Town of Coalhurst brings on new Chief Administrative Officer

Coalhurst will have a new Chief Administrative Officer in May. Shawn Patience will take on the role as the town’s new CAO. He will oversee town administration and employees, ensuring that they provide effective services to the community, plans for growth and deliver on council’s key focus areas. Patience says he is excited about this new opportunity and brings a lot to the table.   

“I’ve got a very long background in local and regional economic development that I think will be a very positive attribute for the town of Coalhurst. I also have a fairly strong planning background. I hold a certificate of Land Use Planning from the UofA in addition to my natural certification. As the community grows, I think both of those facets will serve not only myself but the council very well in the town of Coalhurst.”

Patience recently served as the CAO in the newly established Diamond Valley region. He also previously served four terms on municipal council in Fort Macleod, including three as mayor. 

Angela Stewart

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