Medicine Hat city council approves $1-million in funding to support HALO Air Ambulance

Here in Alberta, a million dollars has been approved by the city of Medicine Hat to help support HALO Air Ambulance for two years. This is the first time the city has approved support for HALO which operates out of the Gas City.  

“For us, we’ve always been invested in Medicine Hat. We’ve always wanted to be a part of the community. This is the reflection of that now after years of advocacy and serving the community in ways that I think perhaps is somewhat intangible. But 19 per cent of our call volume last year was in the city of Medicine Hat, calls that resulted from the city of Medicine Hat, whether that was an inter facility transfer from the hospital, or whether that was support in fire search and rescue or law enforcement. And so I think that was an important statistic to get out there and have a conversation about so that we could really validate the necessity of the investments and making sure that it was a good fit.”

Carolan says they hope to eventually expand to other cities in the province, including Lethbridge. 

Angela Stewart

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