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Emergency simulation to take place in downtown Lethbridge Wednesday

The City of Lethbridge along with many of our first responders will be holding an emergency training scenario on Wednesday. This full-scale exercise will imitate an actual emergency and how police, fire and EMS would respond accordingly. Emergency Preparedness Manager for the city, Luke Palmer, explains what Wednesday’s scenario will look like and where it […]Read More

City council members get hands-on experience as a firefighter

Members of city administration and city council took part in Fire Ops 101 this afternoon and got hands-on experience with what it takes to be a firefighter. The participants went through three different scenarios including a structure fire, a car crash, and a medical emergency. “We were able to show them how with our limited […]Read More

Lethbridge Fire stressing the importance of fire prevention

The Lethbridge Fire Department is stressing the importance of properly disposing of smoking materials and fire prevention. There have been many structural fires in our city recently that was caused by smoking materials not being disposed of properly. Troy Hicks with Lethbridge Fire says the best way to put out any smoking material is to […]Read More

Lethbridge EMS introduce new life saving cardiac arrest machine

Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services have implemented new technology to increase the chance of survival for someone if they happen to go into cardiac arrest. The technology is called Zoll Autopulse, and emergency officials began using the technology for the last four months. Mike Humphrey with emergency services explains how it works. “The Autopulse is […]Read More

River Valley fire ban in effect

Lethbridge Fire has placed a fire ban on all open fires in the city’s River Valley. Chief Fire Marshal Heath Wright says when it comes to placing a ban, they look to see how much moisture is down at the river bottom before deciding to input a ban in place. Right now they have no […]Read More

Big Truck Petting Zoo returns this weekend

This weekend the Lethbridge Public Library along with the city’s public operations department are bringing back their Big Truck Petting Zoo event. This Saturday at the library’s public crossings branch parking lot, you will be able to learn about and climb on top of some of the city’s biggest fleet vehicles. An official with the […]Read More

EMS and Lethbridge Fire Department train for rescue missions

Lethbridge Fire and EMS risk their lives on a daily basis to protect us. Today, the teams performed a variety of rescue activities that mirror real life scenarios. These training exercises help keep them sharp before they head out for life and death situations. The idea is to introduce new procedures for recruits who have […]Read More

Former paramedic reflects on work-related mental challenges

This week is National Paramedic Services Week.  It is an occasion to recognize hardworking and courageous professionals for their dedicated public services and to thank them for protecting our health and safety. We spoke with a local former paramedic and heard some unsettling stories. Since the early age of eight, Charissa Klamn knew she wanted […]Read More