Lethbridge Fire stressing the importance of fire prevention

The Lethbridge Fire Department is stressing the importance of properly disposing of smoking materials and fire prevention. There have been many structural fires in our city recently that was caused by smoking materials not being disposed of properly. Troy Hicks with Lethbridge Fire says the best way to put out any smoking material is to ensure it’s not in anything combustible.

“We can reiterate enough the importance of making sure people have proper disposal devices like an ashtray that’s usually used inside of a home, it’s not good outside on a patio or on a front step or things like that. You should have a bucket or something filled with sand or water or anything like that. You want to make sure that it is completely out and not burning anymore, not hot or nothing before you dispose of it,” said Troy Hicks, Fire Prevention Officer with Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services.

Lethbridge Fire is also reminding residents to never discard smoking materials from a moving vehicle which can lead to grassfires.

Angela Stewart

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