Lethbridge implements new cardiac monitoring system

A new monitoring system to help save lives is now being used by Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services crews. It helps with challenges they face when it comes to cardiac arrest cases. The system purchased in 2020 is called Case Review. Officials say it has increased the number of patients who have been resuscitated.  

“One of the trends we saw using this technology is that when we successfully resuscitate somebody from cardiac arrest, about 50 per cent of the time that patient will have a low blood pressure. And if they have a low blood pressure, they’re at a high, high risk for having another cardiac arrest. So what we were able to do, working with Alberta Health Services and our medical director, is we were able to take a treatment that’s usually typically reserved for the ICU and the ER and bring it right to first responders. And we’re able to deliver that to the patient, where we find the patient and stabilize their blood pressure, avoiding that second cardiac arrest,” said Mike Humphrey, EMS Operations Officer, City of Lethbridge

Lethbridge is the only city in the province currently using this technology. 

Angela Stewart

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