Emergency simulation to take place in downtown Lethbridge Wednesday

The City of Lethbridge along with many of our first responders will be holding an emergency training scenario on Wednesday. This full-scale exercise will imitate an actual emergency and how police, fire and EMS would respond accordingly.

Emergency Preparedness Manager for the city, Luke Palmer, explains what Wednesday’s scenario will look like and where it will be taking place.

“This will be a human-caused mass casualty incident, not something we’d see with the natural side of things so again, getting our responders prepared to deal with that human-caused intentional act of whatever it might be whether it’s chemical-based or weapon based, we want to make sure our crews are prepared for that. We are looking at closing down about I think it’s 11th Street S and 10th Street S at 4th Avenue, basically a one block perimeters radius. Trying to cause as little disruption as possible in terms of allowing people to access different buildings in the area, parking, and everything else,” said Luke Palmer, Emergency Preparedness Manager for the City of Lethbridge.

The training exercise gets underway at 9 am on Wednesday.

Angela Stewart

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