Lethbridge to add two new ambulances

To help improve emergency medical response time, the City of Lethbridge along with Alberta Health Services will be adding two new ambulances. The new vehicles will run 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Chief of Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services, Greg Adair, says these new additions will help ease some of the burden the service is currently dealing with.  

“We’ll be able to continue to provide advanced life support services to people who have emergency medical requirements. In their times of need, we’ll be able to have two additional ambulances respond to the calls. Currently, Lethbridge has eight ambulances at the peak throughout the day. This will increase that number to ten. So we’ll have two more available resources to respond to calls, so that will help with some of those resource challenges we’re seeing,” said Greg Adair, Chief, Lethbridge Fire & Emergency Services.

Acting Mayor for the city of Lethbridge Jenn Schmidt-Rempel, says this is something that the city has needed for quite some time.  

“We certainly appreciate that AHS has worked collaboratively with our EMS teams to be able to get this service down here. It will alleviate some of those pressures that our EMS teams are seeing right now. It’s going to improve their morale as well as making sure that our residents here in the city of Lethbridge are getting the service services that they need. We do recognize that our EMS team and AHS worked really hard to come to the table to an agreement to get us these extra two ambulances to serve our area.”

Lethbridge Fire and EMS hope to have the ambulances fully operational and on the road by May 1st. 



Angela Stewart

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