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Unemployment rate up slightly in Lethbridge

The unemployment rate jumped slightly this month for our region. Trevor Lewington with Economic Development Lethbridge says the unemployment rate rose from 4.1 to 4.2 per cent this month which is not a big change and variation is expected from month to month.   “That increase was actually driven by a few less people working in […]Read More

Giving Tuesday local book store supports neighbour

Today is giving Tuesday and while many charities look forward to today, Analog books in Lethbridge is using November 29th to donate a portion of their sales to New West Theatre which is dealing with a financial crisis.  “We’ve been a huge supporter of the arts and especially New West Theatre. They’re one of our […]Read More

Town of Taber donates turkeys to food bank

Following Thursday’s ostrich takedown in Taber, the town has donated 20 turkeys to its local food bank in time for the Christmas season. The town supports the foodbank many times throughout the year, and Mayor Andrew Prokop says it felt like an appropriate time to make the donation.  “There’s a huge need, especially around Christmas time, […]Read More

Issue of food security discussed at Lethbridge College

The issue of food security is one of the biggest problems we are currently facing. That is according to Dr. Digvir Jayas, a University of Manitoba professor who presented at the Lethbridge College on Tuesday. He had some interesting things to say about how proper grain storage and drying systems can sustain the world’s food […]Read More

OBGYN shortage in Lethbridge impacts mother

As Southern Alberta continues to deal with a shortage of doctors, we are now seeing a shortage in specialized physicians including OBGYN’s. Those who practice obstetrics and gynecology. As Angela Stewart explains, a Lethbridge mother says the shortage had an impact on her when she gave birth six months ago as our city only has […]Read More

Economic forecast for Lethbridge and SA

How are things looking on the economic front for Lethbridge and southern Alberta…and how are businesses faring with the challenge of finding workers to fill job vacancies? We catch up with Trevor Lewington,  CEO of Economic Development Lethbridge to find out.Read More

High demand for wind turbine workers

There appears to be a high demand for new hires in the Wind Turbine field, especially for those postgraduates out of the Wind Turbine program at Lethbridge College. Officials say this is because there is a lot of development in alternative energy sources and energy structures so the demand for more workers is high right […]Read More

Nobleford food pantry addressing food insecurity

The Town of Nobleford has now joined a growing list of small communities in creating a free little pantry. They offer food judgement free for those who need it. As BCN’s Micah Quinn explains, the creators of the pantry say this is a great option for people as the town doesn’t have access to a […]Read More

Weekend fundraiser takes place at Creepy Hollow

After a fire ripped through the haunted mansion on the property of the Creepy Hollow tourist attraction in Warner, Alberta on May 13th, the workers are still coping with the devastation. But as Angela Stewart reports, thanks to a weekend fundraising event and a GoFundMe page, staff are hoping to raise enough funds to rebuild […]Read More

Recent rain was a welcome sight for most farmers

This week’s rain in our region was a welcome sight for farmers. Producers have been dealing with a very dry season so far but now thanks to the recent moisture, Dave Bishop with Alberta Wheat, says their crops should be in fairly good shape for now. “It’ll get us into July. It’ll all depend if […]Read More

Avalanches still pose a risk with warm conditions

Even though we are seeing those nicer days, avalanches still pose a risk. Avalanche Canada says if there is rapid accumulation of snow in the alpine or if there is any remaining snow from the winter season, an avalanche could occur. A forecaster with Avalanche Canada says something like the recent rainfall Southern Alberta experienced […]Read More

New phishing scam on the rise through texts

More than one million homes and businesses in Alberta are now eligible for electricity rebates thanks to the Alberta government. The Electricity Rebate Program will provide $150 in total energy rebates with $50 for three consecutive months all through energy retailers. With good news also comes those who see an opportunity. Wes Lafortune, the Media […]Read More

History of the Frank Slide disaster

Canada’s deadliest rockslide took place close to 120 years ago. Frank Slide showcases the catastrophic damage that was caused when limestone rocks rained down on the community of Frank here in Alberta. As Video Journalist Micah Quinn explains, the slide has a very rich history.Read More

Up to $500,000 for Kidney Foundation 50/50 raffle

A new fundraiser for the Kidney Foundation of Canada Southern Alberta Branch began today. It is a 50/50 raffle with proceeds going to support the services and programs used by the foundation. As BCN’s Micah Quinn explains, staff say raising awareness through the fundraiser is vital to helping out those who are battling the illness.Read More

No food bank in the Town of Raymond, community food

Thanks to a $13,650 grant through a community foundation group, the Town of Raymond will soon have a fully functioning food storage shed for people to come and grab what they need. As BCN’s Angela Stewart explains, the help is so needed especially at a time when inflation is through the roof.  Read More

Birds of a feather flock together

Bird lovers in our community are set for a treat. The Helen Schuler Nature Centre is featuring a new exhibition with a focus on needle felted birds. As BCN’s Micah Quinn explains, the artist says she hopes this exhibit showcases the beautiful birds that flock to southern Alberta and the species that are most at […]Read More

Irrigation program a must says SACPA guest

In October of 2021, the government of Alberta and the Canada Infrastructure Bank announced $815 million in investments for eight irrigation districts to increase water capacity and modernize irrigation infrastructure. This program is called the Alberta Irrigation Modernization Program. Just a little later, in November of the same year, the value of the program shot […]Read More

Coutts cafe speaks about convoy at border

The owner of Hills of Home Cafe in the village of Coutts says the convoy at the border has been actually helping her business as lots of people have been ordering food from the restaurant. Caroline Dangerfield says she has been receiving support from the truckers who have come in to eat.  Read More

Cold snap in southern Alberta

If you live in and around Lethbridge you have had to put up with some bitterly cold temperatures over the past few days. Environment Canada issued another extreme cold weather warning for southern Alberta. This week an arctic air mass is coming in from Canada’s North Pole. Alysa Pederson, a Meteorologist from Environment Canada, says […]Read More

BBB offers tips to combat toy scams

The Better Business Bureau is urging shoppers to be extra vigilant this Christmas season. The organization says toys are just one of over 400 different product categories that have been targeted by scammers. How the scam works is consumers are searching for the hottest toys in store but they are all sold out. Quick searches […]Read More

Winter driving tips from AMA

Here in Southern Alberta, we woke up to plenty of snow on our cars and lawns. A lot of drivers have not put on their winter tires yet. Martin Wiseman, the Chief Instructor for the Alberta Motor Association, says this is a good time to finally do so. He also added that there are some […]Read More