Recent rain was a welcome sight for most farmers

This week’s rain in our region was a welcome sight for farmers. Producers have been dealing with a very dry season so far but now thanks to the recent moisture, Dave Bishop with Alberta Wheat, says their crops should be in fairly good shape for now.

“It’ll get us into July. It’ll all depend if we get hot winds and hot weather. The longer it stays this temperature, you know it’s just kind of on the average to cool side, It lasts longer. It was a good soaking rain so it wasn’t in a down pour, didn’t all come in an hour, it came over in like two and half days basically. It’s the kind of rain that we like to see because it wasn’t a down pour so it didn’t crust anything, it didn’t push anything, we had a little bit of wind but it wasn’t enough to do anything, anything serious. We will take the rain with the wind because we really needed the rain,” said Dave Bishop with Alberta Wheat.

Angela Stewart

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