‘Extreme cold winter expected for Southern Alberta:’ Old Farmer’s Almanac

Southern Alberta is in for a chilly winter this year. That is according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac which says we can expect a colder than normal winter along with more precipitation. Our first big cold snap is expected next month. An official with the Almanac explains how long our region will experience those frosty conditions.  

“We’re looking for the really cold spots to be really in the first week of December, first week of January, and then the last week of January, last week of February. As far as snow goes, middle ten days of December, end of December, end of January. Where they overlap is the last, say, eight to ten days of January. That looks to be like the really hard core center of the winter. I mean, which always stands to reason,” said Jack Burnett, Managing Editor for the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

The Almanac is also predicting that a nasty snowstorm will make its way through Southwestern Alberta between January 19 and the 22.  

Angela Stewart

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