High demand for wind turbine workers

There appears to be a high demand for new hires in the Wind Turbine field, especially for those postgraduates out of the Wind Turbine program at Lethbridge College. Officials say this is because there is a lot of development in alternative energy sources and energy structures so the demand for more workers is high right now. An official with Lethbridge College says almost all their graduates from this year have found work already.

“The year before that it was above 90 per cent and we are anticipating for next year too it will be about 90 per cent. There is a lot of speculation that over the next few years it’s going to be one of the fastest growing industries and therefore one of the fastest growing businesses to be involved in. All the sources that talk about where the employment is going to be in the future and everything, always speak highly of the alternate energy and specifically the wind in our area so they are anticipating it’s going to be one of the highest that there is,” said Kevin Wiber, Associate Dean of Trades for Lethbridge College.

For those who are interested in joining the college’s program, Wiber says there are only a few more spots left for this fall’s school year.

Angela Stewart

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