Jeannette Rocher

Born in Puerto Rico, raised in Minnesota and Manitoba, Jeannette has had the opportunity to live in a variety of places including New York, Arizona, and Nevada. After completing college and a paid internship with CBC Winnipeg, Jeannette embarked on her journalism career by moving overseas to take a job on the island of Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands. While overseas she covered stories in Fiji, Guam and Japan including the 2011 tsunami that hit Japan and its surrounding islands. She covered a mass shooting, an Earth quake, murder cases and other substantial court cases. In 2013 she moved to Alberta where she covered the devastating floods of High River and Medicine Hat for CTV News. She then went on to produce and host Go! Southern Alberta for Shaw TV. She now calls Miracle Channel home. In addition to reporting in the field, you can catch her anchoring daily weather reports, as well as longer interview segments on BCN, and the week-in-review show on BCN Weekends. 

“Those who hamper other’s access to healthcare must be stopped,”

Today the province says it plans to take action against those who impede the ability of other Albertans to access healthcare facilities. Justice Minister and Solicitor General Kaycee Madu spoke specifically of those who blocked entrances to hospitals and other healthcare facilities during recent anti-vaccine protests. Madu says those who hamper anyone’s ability to access […]Read More

Restriction Exemption program hastily implemented says CFIB

Beginning this week Alberta business owners had to choose whether to take part in the Restriction Exemption Program or go back to reducing capacity, putting them back into restriction mode. Some are saying this is the government’s way of downloading the liability onto business owners and that they could suffer again. Annie Dormuth is with […]Read More

Part 2: Charter Rights and Constitutional lawyer speaks about legalities

With a vaccine mandate now in place in Alberta, leading up to this, some Canadians have already been finding themselves fighting their employment organizations…relying on Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms: the right to life, liberty and security. Alberta Weekly’s Jeannette Rocher recently spoke with Calgary Constitutional and human rights lawyer Carol […]Read More

Alberta businesses carry highest debt in country due to pandemic,

One in five Alberta small businesses are at risk of filing for bankruptcy if a fourth wave were to force us into another shut down.  That’s according to the Canadian Federation for Independent Business.  Annie Dormuth, the CFIB’s director of Provincial Affairs Alberta, also says Alberta businesses are carrying the most debt in the entire […]Read More

Lethbridge police officer shot with airsoft pistol

An incident involving a Lethbridge police officer getting shot by a suspect using an AirSoft pistol could have unfolded very differently last Thursday, had officers decided to return fire.  According to the criminal code, if an officer perceives an imminent threat to themself or the public they can draw their weapons and fire back. Acting […]Read More

Revamped LPS Action Plan back in hands of Justie Minister

The Lethbridge Police Service and Lethbridge Police Commission have submitted a revamped action plan to the Minister of Justice and Solicitor General, Kaycee Madu.  The latest plan was submitted on the deadline of Friday, June 25th.  According to the Justice Minister’s office, they have received the amended report “and look forward to reviewing it.”  In […]Read More

Police Commission Chair discusses Justice Minister’s disappointment in LPS Action

Lethbridge Police Commission Chair, Rob vanSpronsenn says the Justice Minister’s disappointment in LPS Action Plan came as a surprise to him and Lethbridge Police Service Chief Shahin Mehdezadeh. Early in April, Madu demanded that the Lethbridge Police Service and Lethbridge Police Commission address the many issues stirring public distrust by submitting to him an action […]Read More

Rachael Harder has concerns about Bill C10

Bill C-10 has been a hot button topic in Ottawa lately, and one Member of Parliament from Alberta has been very vocal about it. According to Lethbridge MP Rachael Harder, this bill should concern all Canadians. BCN’s Jeannette Rocher recently spoke with MP Harder about the details of Bill C-10 and her concerns about it.Harder […]Read More

Albertans make run for border to get vaccine

It’s one of the most neighbourly acts of kindness. The Blackfeet people in Montana have an excess of COVID-19 vaccinations and are sharing them with their Canadian neighbours. Now the state and U.S. National Guard have jumped in with more supply to offer to Albertans who are anxious for their second dose. BCN’s Jeannette Rocher […]Read More

The government of Alberta announced new health restrictions Tuesday evening to try and curb the spread of COVID-19. Officials say our province has the highest rates per capita of cases in the country right now. Government officials say there are currently 671 Albertans in hospital battling the virus including 150 in intensive care. Beginning Friday, […]Read More

No plea entered at LPS Misconduct Hearing

Five suspended Lethbridge police officers involved in the dissemination of negative memes about their former bosses, made their first appearance today at a professional misconduct hearing, but won’t enter a plea until May. During the virtual hearing this morning, the five officers including Sgt. Jason Moulton, Cst. Keon Woroniuk, Cst. Matthew Rokkoff, Cst. Derek Riddell […]Read More

Will Alberta’s Relaunch Grant Help Struggling Businesses?

It’s no secret that businesses have been struggling since the pandemic started, but some establishments have found it extremely difficult to keep afloat particularly when the province repeatedly opens and shuts down. BCN’s Jeannette Rocher spoke with a local restaurant owner who says she’s thankful for the latest provincial grant (Small and Medium Enterprise Relaunch […]Read More

Details of LPS Action Plan explained

The City of Lethbridge has released a summary of the Lethbridge Police Service Action Plan. The full document drafted by LPS Chief Shahin Mehdizadeh, and the Lethbridge Police Commission was sent to Justice Minister and Solicitor General Kaycee Madu on the evening of April 11, according to commission chair Rob vanSpronsen. This plan is in […]Read More

LPS action plan ready for Justice Minister ahead of deadline

The Lethbridge Police Service says they’ve completed their action plan for Alberta’s Justice Minister and Solicitor General ahead of the April 16 deadline. On March 22, Minister Kaycee Madu sent letters to LPS Chief Shahin Mehdizadeh, Lethbrige Police Commission Chair Rob vanSpronsen and Lethbridge Mayor Chris Spearman informing them that he was giving them a […]Read More

Hearing date set for five suspended officers

A hearing date is now set for April 27 for the five suspended Lethbridge police officers accused of creating and distributing offensive memes of LPS brass. During this professional conduct hearing, officers will enter a plea for alleged misconduct. Four officers each face six charges under the Alberta Police Act and another is charged with […]Read More

City Councillor explains why he voted against Mustard Seed

City Councillor Blaine Hyggen explains why he was one of seven who voted against against the Mustard Seed opening a new dry drop-in centre at 110-13th street north. Lethbridge City Council voted 7-2 against the motion.The organization has been looking into a few locations in our city to help some of our most vulnerable. Lethbridge […]Read More

New variant on the rise in Lethbridge

COVID-19 numbers have been on the rise in both Lethbridge and much of southwestern Alberta, including the new variant. Our city currently has 508 active cases of the virus. Dr. Vivien Suttorp who is the lead Medical Officer of Health expressed her concerns about the virus hitting our region pretty hard, including the U.K. variant […]Read More

Coco Vanilla owner announces candidacy for mayor

Lethbridge has its first official mayoral candidate to file nomination papers. Bradley Whalen, owner of Coco Vanilla Galactic Cantina officially filed his nomination with the city returning officer this week. The father of five from Nova Scotia says he’s hoping to see more voter turn out in the future by appealing to a younger demographic. […]Read More

Justice Minister to dissolve LPS if no action plan by

Lethbridge Police Service has received a letter from Justice Minister Kaycee Madu expressing his concerns over a number of high profile cases involving the LPS. The minister has set a deadline of April 16th to have Lethbridge Police Chief Shahin Mehdizadeh put together a plan to address issues of recruiting, training, oversight, discipline and transparency […]Read More

Quarantine of half of school leaves parents scrambling

Due to a number of positive COVID cases, the Lethbridge School Division made the decision over the weekend to return to online learning for students from the Immanuel Christian Elementary and Secondary schools. As Jeannette Rocher reports, more than half of the students and staff now have to quarantine from the elementary school alone…meaning parents […]Read More

Negative memes behind recent police suspensions

Lethbridge Police Service has confirmed the five employees who have recently been suspended with pay are all police officers. Edmonton Police Service, who investigated the matter, meanwhile confirmed to Bridge City News that the suspensions are in fact due to some memes depicting the former administration in a negative light.  Edmonton police confirm that in […]Read More

Spearman disappointed by EMS motion

Lethbridge Mayor Chris Spearman says he’s disappointed the province will not reverse its decision of centralizing EMS dispatch services. The province did not support a motion brought forth by Lethbridge, Calgary, Red Deer and Wood Buffalo. Mayor Spearman says it really is a non-partisan issue and it is about recognizing the importance of community safety […]Read More