Town of Taber donates turkeys to food bank

Following Thursday’s ostrich takedown in Taber, the town has donated 20 turkeys to its local food bank in time for the Christmas season. The town supports the foodbank many times throughout the year, and Mayor Andrew Prokop says it felt like an appropriate time to make the donation. 

“There’s a huge need, especially around Christmas time, for the hampers. So the turkeys go hand in hand with that for that purpose, and I think she said last year, they roughly doled out 170 hampers, and they’re expecting to go over 200 this year. So with that and all those things considered again, we thought it was very appropriate to donate the 20 turkeys,” said Andrew Prokop, Mayor for the Town of Taber.

“We’re very thankful on behalf of the food bank to receive these turkeys. It is unfortunate what happened yesterday, but we graciously accept these turkeys. This is going to help a lot during Christmas as we’re in preparation for our our Christmas hamper program. So we can’t thank you guys enough for this. This is a huge donation for us,” said Mary Siemens, Assistant Manager, Taber Food Bank Society.

Distribution of the food bank Christmas Hampers will begin on Dec 20th. 

Angela Stewart

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