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Lethbridge Mayoral Candidate Blaine Hyggen lays out his platform.

The Alberta Municipal Election is coming up October 18th. Current Lethbridge City Councillor Blaine Hyggen is gunning for the mayor’s chair. Hyggen says he has a plan to help address the doctor shortage in our city and how to address crime.  Hyggen also addresses the controversy surrounding where he is receiving funding during his campaign.Read More

Big plans to expand Coalhurst from potential new mayor

The Town of Coalhurst may see some major changes following this October’s municipal election. Ron Lagemaat has been a councillor for the town for over 10 years, and now he has decided to make the switch and will run for mayor. As Micah Quinn explains, Lagemaat says big decisions have to be made for the […]Read More

Lethbridge realtor running for city mayor’s office

Another name has been dropped in the hat to run for Mayor of the City of Lethbridge. Gary Klassen is a long-time realtor who has a desire to help the windy city.  Gary Klassen has lived in southern Alberta his entire life.  Having worked as a realtor for the last 28-years, and been self-employed since […]Read More