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Opioid recovery camps to begin June 25th

An advocate from Lethbridge says he has finally brought forth his vision of what he thinks will help out those who are battling addiction in our city. Alvin Mills says recovery camps will be set up on the Blood Tribe on private land. Blackfoot members will have to be four days sober in order to […]Read More

Lithium battery tips to keep from catching fire

Chances are most people wouldn’t think twice about lithium batteries being a danger when charging them. Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services is warning about two fires connected with lithium batteries that were being charged and caught fire. Adam Saturley, a Fire Prevention Officer with the city has some tips on how to best protect yourself […]Read More

Construction zone safety in Lethbridge

The City of Lethbridge is reminding motorists to slow down and drive carefully in construction zones. There is currently work being completed in different areas of the city including Mayor Magrath and Scenic Drive. City staff and the Lethbridge Police Service say it is important to ease up on the gas pedal in these zones […]Read More

Construction on a new playground in Galt Gardens set to

Construction on a new playground in Galt Gardens will soon begin after the city was awarded $375,000 from the Government of Canada’s Revitalization fund. The money will be on a 75 to 25 per cent basis meaning the city will be putting forward over $100,000 for the inclusive playground. The facility will feature a rubber […]Read More

Additional eight firefighters to be hired for Lethbridge

Lethbridge City Council unanimously approved the hiring of eight additional firefighters for the Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services at a council meeting on Tuesday. A total of $884,600 will be used from unspent operating funds. Ongoing costs of approximately $1 million to $1.3 million per year will be absorbed by LFES with no additional tax […]Read More

Protecting yourself from fire

There appears to have been an increased number of house fires in Lethbridge over the past year. Troy Hicks Fire Prevention Officer with the Lethbridge Fire Department says a number of the fires are attributed to people not properly disposing of their cigarettes. He says some fires have been caused from people butting out their […]Read More

City of Lethbridge celebrates Public Works Week

The City of Lethbridge celebrated their public employees on Thursday. This week marks Public Works Week in Alberta and the City Manager for Lethbridge says it’s important to thank the hard working employees in the windy city when you think about access to drinking water. Also where the garbage or water goes when the tap […]Read More

Doctors expected to come to Lethbridge, committee informed

There is good news for those who are looking for a family physician in Lethbridge. The Cultural and Social Standing Policy Committee was told that more doctors will be making their way to our city this fall. Three international graduate physicians have signed offer letters to come to Lethbridge and an additional seven are pending. […]Read More

Two city parks face irrigation issues, watering period extends

Irrigation issues at two city parks are causing longer watering periods and as a result, park-goers can expect to hear a lot of noise throughout the day. The pumps at Henderson and Legacy Park are not functioning properly and workers began investigating this morning into a suspected blockage in the pumps. A city official says […]Read More

Launch of e-bikes and e-scooters in Lethbridge

You will now see orange scooters and bikes riding around the City of Lethbridge. The city awarded the company Neuron Mobility a permit to operate 500 e-scooters and 100 e-bikes. As BCN’s Micah Quinn explains, Lethbridge is now the fifth city in Canada to have Neuron’s unique vehicles.Read More

Street sweeping to begin April 12

Starting on April 12 you will see City of Lethbridge vehicles sweeping their way along the curbs of our city’s streets. The usual yellow street sweeping signs will also be set down in neighbourhoods on April 11. As BCN’s Micah Quinn explains, the campaign will begin with a focus on key areas of the city […]Read More

Lethbridge Fire Department to send items for Ukraine

Lethbridge City Council unanimously approved the Lethbridge Fire Department to donate expired or surplus items to support the war in Ukraine. Life cycled medical kits, expired disposable wound care items, and personnel protective equipment will be shipped off to help Ukrainian first responders. The Lethbridge Chief of Fire and Emergency Services, Greg Adair, says the […]Read More

Lethbridge City Council calls April 7 Green Shirt Day

Lethbridge City Council has again proclaimed April 7 as Green Shirt Day in our city. The day honours the victims of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash and player Logan Boulet who saved six lives when he donated his organs following the tragic crash in April of 2018. Lethbridge Mayor Blaine Hyggen says this day encourages […]Read More

New Lethbridge Loop app

The City of Lethbridge is leaping into the world of apps. The Lethbridge Loop app allows you to check out daily city service reminders at the palm of your hand. As Video Journalist Micah Quinn explains, staff from the city say this app will save Lethbridge a decent chunk of change.Read More

City eases COVID-19 restrictions for city staff

The city has begun easing some COVID-19 restrictions for city staff. Employees will now no longer be required to show proof of vaccination, face masks will be optional and those who have been working from home and are able to return to work. Jason Elliot with the city, however, explains there are still some employees […]Read More

Lethbridge Mayor looks back at first 100 days

It’s been exactly 102 days since Blaine Hyggen was elected as Mayor of Lethbridge. Since being sworn in, Hyggen says it’s been a great honour and privilege to serve as mayor. He says the biggest accomplishment so far has been creating the Gateway to Opportunity 2022 Action Plan with the help of council. Hyggen adds […]Read More

Advocate striving for light nuisance bylaw

A concerned citizen in Lethbridge is in favour of implementing a light nuisance bylaw. Rena Woss presented to the Community Safety Standing Policy Committee on Thursday afternoon to outline why she believes this would be a good idea. Calgary and Saskatoon have already implemented similar bylaws. Woss says if your neighbour streams light into your […]Read More

Lethbridge residents input needed for new survey

Your feedback is needed for a snow removal and street sweeping survey. The information will then be given over to Lethbridge City Council where they will then decide if any changes will have to be made for the 2022/23 snow removal season. An interactive map is available to see how snow removal and street sweeping […]Read More

City of Lethbridge reveals staff vaccination numbers

The City of Lethbridge recently implemented a policy on November 15th that all employees now have to be vaccinated if they want to continue to be employed. The General Manager of People and Culture for the city, Jason Elliott, says over 95 per cent of city employees have reported their vaccination status. Of that group, […]Read More

Goldfish and other aquarium species invading local storm ponds

A fishy situation is going on at a few ponds around Lethbridge. Aquatic invasive species, including goldfish and koi have become an issue at Firelight Park, Chinook Lake, and Elm Groves Pond. The species have been illegally released into storm water ponds and other water bodies, altering aquatic habitats so that it becomes inhabitable for […]Read More

Transit riders rally outside of city hall on Saturday raising

A “Rally for Accessible YQL Transit” took place outside city hall on Saturday, where concerned residents gathered to discuss their issues with Lethbridge Transit’s cityLINK network.    “In terms of the stops, many of them are being eliminated and it is quite a walk for people, some being 15 to 20 minutes. As well, with […]Read More

Unhappy transit rider says cityLINK needs to go

A disgruntled transit rider has been extremely unhappy with the newest cityLINK bus program implemented by Lethbridge Transit. Faye Cutforth says she has experienced rides that took over 90 minutes compared to the previous system that only took 30 minutes for a ride. Cutforth says she has a daughter with asperger’s and says she can’t […]Read More

First TRIP funded project opens in downtown Lethbridge

The City of Lethbridge’s first-ever Targeted Redevelopment Incentive Program (TRIP) project was completed in Downtown Lethbridge on Thursday. SixO8 Health, formerly known as East Meets West, held its grand opening today. Costing $8 million, it’s the first business to utilize the new municipal tax relief program. The City is expected to receive $88,000 more in […]Read More

City raises permanent Blackfoot Confederacy Flag outside city hall

Members of the community along with City staff gathered outside City Hall on Monday morning to permanently raise the Blackfoot Confederacy Flag. The flag is another step for Truth and Reconciliation commitments made by the city. The flag raising kicks off a week of celebrations in honour of Reconciliation Week.    Reconciliation Lethbridge Advisory Committee […]Read More