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Total of 2,000 educators head to U of L for

The South Western Alberta Teachers’ Convention took place at the University of Lethbridge on Thursday. The event will also be held on Friday. Katherine Pritchard from the Alberta Teachers’ Association, says the convention is a great way to showcase and celebrate our teachers. “Teachers’ conventions have actually been going on for a very long time. […]Read More

Local school staff donate to charity to help Ukraine

Teachers and staff members at Our Lady of the Assumption School have rallied together and are showing their support for the people of Ukraine. During their Spiritual Development Day, staff members donated to the school’s charity of choice, Development and Peace, with the funds going towards humanitarian efforts overseas. An official with the school says […]Read More

Upcoming school year for LSD gets masking update

The Lethbridge School Division outlined their back to school platform for the upcoming school season. Schools will continue to provide enhanced cleaning measures during the day, and parents are being asked to monitor their kids for signs of COVID-19. Masking has been a divisive topic during the past year. Board chair for the Lethbridge School […]Read More

Educators say schools more prepared for switch to online learning

Students in grades 7-12 are now well into their third week of learning from home. This time around, however, teachers and principals are saying everyone has felt more prepared for that quick shift back to the online world. But what about students who need a more structured environment and don’t perform as well learning from home? It turns out many schools have developed contingencies for students who may not have adapted so well.Read More