School students name city fleet vehicles

Recyclesaurus Rex, Dumpenstein and the Bin-Credible Hulk. Who are these characters? Well, they’re the new names for Lethbridge’s trash, recycling and organics collection trucks. The names were created by a group of elementary students from Lethbridge School and Holy Spirit Catholic School Divisions. A contest through the city gave students the opportunity to name the trucks through entries.

Over 500 entries were sent into the city with one of the winning names being, The Bin-crediable Hulk.

“Anytime that we have an opportunity to connect with the community, whether it’s the adult members of our community or some of the kids of the community, we always take an opportunity to do that. And so naming the trucks really connects people with the trucks that are going through their community on a weekly basis, collecting garbage, recycling and organics. So again, something that maybe seems a little abstract to the community. It really brings it home and shows them exactly what they’re doing and how they’re trying to do it.”

If residents would like to see the location of the named trucks, they can use the online tracking tool.  

Angela Stewart

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