Ron Sakamoto named as Coaldale’s Summer Fest Candy Parade Marshal

Ron Sakamoto has been chosen as Parade Marshal for Coaldale’s Candy Parade. It is part of the town’s Summer Fest Celebrations. Known for his many accolades and achievements in the entertainment industry, Sakamoto, who was born in Coaldale, says he couldn’t be happier to have been chosen to lead the parade under this year’s theme of agriculture.   

“We are tied into agriculture so much. And like I said, I grew up on the farm, and we still have the farm in Medicine Hat, although we rented out because I didn’t go into farming, I went into the entertainment business. My father said, listen, Ron, you do what you want. He knew I wasn’t going to be a farmer, but he knew and taught me me what hard work was. I got to thank him because he said, I’m working you hard now, but you wait till later, because it’s going to help you.”

Following the parade, Sakamoto will join a panel of judges to pick the winner of the Town’s inaugural Battle of the Bands contest.  

“Battle of the Bands will feature six different bands, kind of all different genres. There is one or two country performers, depending how you classify them, and then there’ll be four different judges. Ron Sakamoto is actually going to be one of the judges for Battle of the Bands as well, so that’ll be pretty exciting, having him judge for that.”

The Town of Coaldale’s Summer Fest kicks off on Friday evening, with the parade beginning at 11 a.m. 



Angela Stewart

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