Team Canada Junior Roller Derby brings home bronze from World Cup

Team Canada Junior Roller Derby managed to bring home the bronze medal after competing in the World Cup in France last weekend. Team Canada defeated Team World 340 to 67. A member of the Female Division Team says it was interesting to see how teams from other countries performed.  

“The Sweden team we did not expect them to be quite so powerful and come in so strong. I guess we didn’t anticipate that. But it’s kind of cool seeing how everybody plays too at the same time. They’re all kind of different skills that they work on and different ways of playing, but they all come together as a team and it’s kind of cool to seethe different ways that people play and how we can maybe incorporate it into our play at some point, maybe.”

Meanwhile, the open division team landed in fourth spot after losing to Australia.   

“It was pretty awesome. I had a bunch of friends at home who were cheering me on, and the people at home really made the global thing ten times better because, yeah, the world is awesome, but the people at home and then just playing derby at that high of level is something that I’d never thought I’d be able to do. But I did it. It was pretty awesome.

Six teams in each division competed in the three-day tournament.



Angela Stewart

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