Non-for-profit spearheads disability support workers petition

A non-for-profit out of Calgary is calling on the Alberta government to help disability workers in the province as employees have not seen a wage increase in the last eight years. Dale Cena who represents a collective of nearly 15,000 workers, has spearheaded an online petition that has over five thousand signatures calling for change.  

“That petition has gained ground where I’ve had an opportunity to meet with about 19 ministers within the last six months. You know, meeting with those ministers, it’s been great that’s either the sitting government as well as the opposition parties, MLA’s, you know, just getting the message out there, open dialogue and creating that awareness,” said Dale Cena, Program Coordinator for Calgary SCOPE Society.

Cena says they’d like to see the government also address the staffing issue as this is having a negative impact on those whom they support. 

Angela Stewart

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