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Non-for-profit spearheads disability support workers petition

A non-for-profit out of Calgary is calling on the Alberta government to help disability workers in the province as employees have not seen a wage increase in the last eight years. Dale Cena who represents a collective of nearly 15,000 workers, has spearheaded an online petition that has over five thousand signatures calling for change. […]Read More

Disability workers launch campaign amid wage, staffing crisis

Workers in the Disability sector say they are in a staffing crisis.  According to the Alberta Disability Workers Association, staff have not received a wage increase in almost eight years.  They are calling on the Alberta Government to raise the wages of Community Disability Support Workers by 25 percent. The rise of cost of living […]Read More

National Disability Employment Month runs throughout October

October is National Disability Employment Month, also known as DEAM. DEAM promotes employment inclusion for people with disabilities and celebrates those living with disabilities along with their skills, successes, and achievements. The month brings awareness to the work being done to ensure there are open and accessible workplaces for those with disabilities.    Executive Director, […]Read More

Children’s Link expanding into Lethbridge

Having a child with a disability comes with many hurdles, and some parents find it helpful to talk with other parents going through the same thing. Calgary based nonprofit Children's Link is expanding into Lethbridge and Medicine Hat. The group is working with dozens of local agencies, and is hoping to offer virtual chats for parents to engage with each other across the province.Read More