Halloween trick-or-treating safety tips

Halloween is on Monday night and Alberta RCMP are offering tips and tricks on how to help keep our kids safe while they are out trick or treating. Sergeant Darrin Turnbull with the Traffic Division of the RCMP has some suggestions.  

“Costumes that are bright in color, lighter in color, and if they’re not, then adding on reflective tape or reflective items so that your children can be seen by motorist. It is getting darker earlier at this time of year, so it will be much safer for them, of course, to all motorists, we want you to stay safe and make sure that you don’t drive under the influence of any drugs or alcohol,” said Sergeant Darrin Turnbull with the Alberta RCMP.

Turnbull also says children dressing up for Halloween should not wear masks which can impede their vision but instead to wear makeup or face paint.  

Angela Stewart

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