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Creepy Hollow haunted mansion reopening

A grand reopening of the new haunted mansion at the Creepy Hollow tourist attraction will be taking place soon. Employees have been working tirelessly to rebuild following the old mansion suddenly burning down earlier this year. Co-owner, Glory Reimer, says construction is going well and they’ve added some stuff this year that will get the […]Read More

Seventy additional shelter beds coming to Lethbridge, province announces

Over the weekend, the province announced new funding through an action plan that will target homelessness in Alberta that includes one million dollars and 70 additional winter shelter spaces. Premier Jason Kenney says through the government’s Homelessness Task Force, they believed more enhancements were needed to address the issue.   “The money will used to […]Read More

More physicians on the way to Lethbridge

Lethbridge East MLA, Nathan Neudorf, explains how many family physicians are on their way to Lethbridge and why he is throwing his support behind UCP leadership candidate Danielle Smith. MLA Neudorf explains in this one-on-one interview with BCN’s Hal Roberts.Read More

Legal aid cases dropped by defense lawyers as of September

A battle between members of Alberta’s criminal defense lawyer associations and the province is heating up. As of Monday, defense lawyers in Alberta are no longer taking legal aid cases. Protests have been held in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer as lawyers are not happy. Greg White, a defense lawyer from the Michael Dietrich Law […]Read More

Lethbridge MP says Canadians need help now.

When it comes to the cost of food a recent survey says 24 percent of Canadians are buying less of it due to higher prices. The study says inflation is hurting many including our seniors, single moms and the disabled. Lethbridge MP Rachael Thomas says so many Canadians are hurting right now.Read More

The popularity of hydrogen

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has been promoting many of our natural resources including hydrogen. Hydrogen appears to be in abundance in Alberta and many argue it is a solid alternative fuel source. John Sutherland is the CEO of Alberta H2. He says what is great about hydrogen is that it is a byproduct from the […]Read More

Alberta businesses surviving the Pandemic

It appears as though a number of Medicine Hat businesses were able to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lisa Kowalchuk is the Executive Director of the Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce and she says a big reason why was the entrepreneurial spirit of so many business owners in SE Alberta.Read More

Home churches gaining in popularity

Home churches seem to be gaining in popularity. According to Lethbridge Pastor Geoff Heth a home church is similar to a bible study or cell group where people meet at someone’s home to worship and study God’s word. Read More

Concerns about crime in rural regions

A lot of Canadians are concerned about their safety especially when it comes to protecting their families and properties in rural areas. Cor De Wit is with Alberta Rural Crime Watch and Rural Crime Prevention. De Wit says a number of Albertans on farms and acreages are still concerned with the amount of time it […]Read More

Taber Foodgrains Project looking to raise $200,000

A large group of farmers gathered near Taber on Thursday to help support a good cause. The Taber Foodgrains Project hosted the Harvest Day event. Farmers and members of the community were able to provide a large number of machinery to help with combining 135 acres of barley. As BCN’s Micah Quinn explains, organizers say […]Read More

UCP leadership candidate Brian Jean’s platform

BCN’s Hal Roberts chatted with UCP leadership hopeful and Fort McMurray/Lac La Biche MLA, Brian Jean, about what he would bring to the table as Alberta Premier. They discussed crime, opioid crisis, agriculture, supporting seniors and health care. The UCP will choose its new leader on October 6th. Watch the full interview here.Read More

Government support lacking in agriculture innovation hubs

Agriculture Innovation Hubs have been around for a while with some having been around for 30 to 40 years. The hubs are a group of farmers who are interested in creating an organization that can support the industry by means of research and education. The problem now however is that support from the government is […]Read More

Price gouging at the pumps a hot topic

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is asking the Competition Bureau of Canada to investigate price gouging at the pumps. The Alberta government eliminated the 13 cent per litre provincial fuel tax back in April but Albertans have not seen a lot of savings. Dan McTeague, the president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, is happy the Premier […]Read More

Walk To Breathe fundraiser going virtual

A fundraiser for those with breathing problems has hit a temporary roadblock here in Alberta. The Walk to Breathe initiative was created by an Edmonton man to raise funds for Alberta Lung. As BCN’s Micah Quinn explains, the man says he has to sit out this year’s festivities due to health issues, but is hoping […]Read More

Stirling completes tree planting for Queen’s Jubilee

A commemorative tree has been planted at an old farmstead in the Village of Stirling. The event paid respects to the Queen’s Jubilee and her 70 years on the throne. The planting kicks off the start of Settler Days in Stirling as well. As BCN’s Micah Quinn explains, local politicians and members of an army […]Read More

Kainai Powwow and Celebration back after two years

A special powwow is returning for the first time in two years. The Kainai Powwow and Celebration is coming to the Blood Tribe starting tonight with traditional Indigenous games and sports. Travis Plaited Hair, with the powwow committee, says he’s excited to welcome back everyone to Red Crow Park in Standoff, Alberta and you can […]Read More

Alberta government supporting more Ukrainian refugees

More than 3,800 Ukrainian refugees are making their way to Alberta. The Alberta government is giving those arriving after July 25th six months of temporary income assistance. Our legislative reporter, Tyler Dawson, says the province continues to support those who are fleeing the war with Russia. He shares the details with BCN’s Hal Roberts. Read More

Canadian Pro-Life group reacts to Pro-Choice rallies

A number of Pro-Life groups across North America are celebrating the U.S. Supreme Court striking down Roe v Wade including the Wilberforce Project here in Canada. The group’s executive director, Stephanie Fennelly, says it may be time to once again re-open the abortion debate in Canada. She reacted to the recent Pro-Choice rallies held in […]Read More

Can Alberta say NO to federal legislation?

One of the front runners to become the new leader of the UCP is Danielle Smith. Smith raised some eyebrows recently when she said one of her first orders of business, should she become premier, would be to have Alberta opt out of federal laws the provincial government does not like. I asked our legislative […]Read More

‘Not doing so well’: most vulnerable want to see more

Lethbridge has been dealing with an issue of many tent encampments popping up near some downtown facilities. The city currently does not have long-term housing solutions for the most vulnerable. In a special feature, BCN’s Angela Stewart spoke to some of the homeless who say they want to see city officials step up and offer […]Read More