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Trudeau not doing Alberta any favours says political reporter

Political reporter Brian Lilley says Albertans appear to have a serious issue with the Trudeau government right now. It has a lot to do with the Liberals wanting Alberta to transition away from the oil and gas sector. Lilley says Trudeau will be discussing a number of issues with his federal counterparts including carbon capture electric […]Read More

Powerful program to help beat addictions in Alberta

There is more help available for those who are battling addictions in both Lethbridge and Calgary. Tony Kokol is the Operations Manager for Fresh Start Recovery in Lethbridge. He says what makes their programs unique is that they are all encompassing in helping someone get their life back on track. Kokol explains in this informative […]Read More

UCP reveal new EMS program, NDP fire back

The Alberta government announced a new program to help free up ambulances and paramedics to more quickly respond to emergency situations. Alberta Health Services will now arrange for alternative transportation for non-medical patients to make sure that EMS can attend more urgent matters. These new modes of transportation would be in the form of transport […]Read More

A MADD message during the holidays

With Christmas and New Year’s right around the corner, the potential of impaired drivers hitting the streets could increase. MADD which stands for Mothers Against Drunk Driving is ramping up its message about the dangers of drinking and driving. The vice-president of the Lethbridge and area chapter, shares some alarming statistics about the number of people killed […]Read More

Hunter has a serious problem with the Liberals’ Bill C-21

A number of hunters are not happy with the proposed amendment to the Trudeau Liberals’ gun ban bill C-21. You can include Andre Van Hilten with the Willow Creek Outfitter located outside of Stavely, Alberta. Van Hilten says the federal government should really be focusing their attention on criminals bringing in illegal guns from the […]Read More

UCP clash with NDP over proposed Sovereignty Act

Deputy Premier Nathan Neudorf was asked why the UCP wants the NDP to apologize regarding comments they made on the proposed Alberta Sovereignty within a United Canada Act. Leader Rachel Notley called for the federal government to quash the act should it pass at the legislature. Neudorf said his party is demanding an apology from […]Read More

AMA Winter Driving Advice

As the winter weather and road conditions have set in and we are adjusting our routines and schedules to accommodate winter driving habits AMA’s Manager of driver education Ryan Lamont has a few reminders to keep us safe.  “Once that temperature drips or dips below -15 that’s an ideal time to start plugging in your […]Read More

Shoes for Kids YQL foundation thanks local donators

The Shoes for Kids YQL Foundation continues to hand out shoes to kids in need all over southwestern Alberta. Now the foundation is saying thank you after receiving a couple of donations that will help them to continue to provide shoes for those most in need. “We’ve served from kindergarten all the way up to […]Read More

Barnes open to returning to UCP caucus

Drew Barnes is an independent MLA in Cypress-Medicine Hat. He was booted from the UCP caucus about a year and a half ago. Barnes says with the new leadership under Premier Danielle Smith he would be open to returning to caucus if they share his values of helping to make life more affordable for Albertans. […]Read More

Lawyer who cross examined Hinshaw under oath says she was

Leighton Grey is a lawyer who has been instrumental in ensuring government and corporate entities are held accountable for the pandemic measures. He’s represented a number of people who have fought both COVID-19 fines and vaccine mandates. He also represented a couple of Alberta pastors who were jailed for breaking those COVID mandates. He had the […]Read More

The importance of Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is just around the corner. It is a time we honour so many veterans who have fought for our freedoms. Jeff Alden served in the Canadian military for over 20 years. He is also the manager of the Lethbridge branch of the Royal Canadian Legion. I asked Mr. Alden why it seems the […]Read More

EV technology has come a long way.

The technology behind electric vehicles has come a long way. That is according to William York who is the director of the Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta. York says when it comes to charging your EV it is a lot quicker now. He explains in this interview. Read More

Sugar beets vital to local economy

Sugar beets and the production of sugar is one of the biggest export industries in southern Alberta. Taber is also home to the only sugar beet refinery in Canada. As BCN’s Micah Quinn explains, farmers and growers in our area explain what exactly sugar beets are and how important they are to the local economy.Read More

Non-for-profit spearheads disability support workers petition

A non-for-profit out of Calgary is calling on the Alberta government to help disability workers in the province as employees have not seen a wage increase in the last eight years. Dale Cena who represents a collective of nearly 15,000 workers, has spearheaded an online petition that has over five thousand signatures calling for change. […]Read More

Lethbridge MLA becomes minister for first time.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith named her new cabinet. Of note…Lethbridge East MLA Nathan Neudorf becomes Deputy Premier and Infrastructure Minister. Other appointees noted below: Deputy Premier and Minister of Skilled Trades and Professions – Kaycee Madu Deputy Premier and Minister of Infrastructure – Nathan Neudorf President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance – Travis […]Read More

Cattle methane is part of natural cycle says rancher.

Ben Campbell is a young rancher in Black Diamond, Alberta. He was the recipient of an award from the Alberta/NWT Region of Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers Program. Ben takes issue with politicians who say that we need to curtail the methane produced by cattle. According to Ben, the gas produced by cows is just part […]Read More

Was Smith the best choice and will she bring back

Alberta has a new Premier, the have the highest influx of Canadians moving in from other provinces, we have some of the lowest fuel and utility prices – and currently, our economy and research and development are firing on all cylinders.   BCN’s Jeannette Rocher chats with Western Standard editor Dave Naylor about if Danielle Smith […]Read More

Geothermal Energy taking off

Geothermal energy is an industry that is growing in Alberta. It is a heat source derived within the sub-surface of the earth. Water and/or steam carries the geothermal energy to the earth’s surface. Laurie Pushor is the president of the Alberta Energy Regulator. He says his group has pretty high standards when it comes to […]Read More

Creepy Hollow haunted mansion reopening

A grand reopening of the new haunted mansion at the Creepy Hollow tourist attraction will be taking place soon. Employees have been working tirelessly to rebuild following the old mansion suddenly burning down earlier this year. Co-owner, Glory Reimer, says construction is going well and they’ve added some stuff this year that will get the […]Read More

Seventy additional shelter beds coming to Lethbridge, province announces

Over the weekend, the province announced new funding through an action plan that will target homelessness in Alberta that includes one million dollars and 70 additional winter shelter spaces. Premier Jason Kenney says through the government’s Homelessness Task Force, they believed more enhancements were needed to address the issue.   “The money will used to […]Read More

More physicians on the way to Lethbridge

Lethbridge East MLA, Nathan Neudorf, explains how many family physicians are on their way to Lethbridge and why he is throwing his support behind UCP leadership candidate Danielle Smith. MLA Neudorf explains in this one-on-one interview with BCN’s Hal Roberts.Read More

Legal aid cases dropped by defense lawyers as of September

A battle between members of Alberta’s criminal defense lawyer associations and the province is heating up. As of Monday, defense lawyers in Alberta are no longer taking legal aid cases. Protests have been held in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer as lawyers are not happy. Greg White, a defense lawyer from the Michael Dietrich Law […]Read More

Lethbridge MP says Canadians need help now.

When it comes to the cost of food a recent survey says 24 percent of Canadians are buying less of it due to higher prices. The study says inflation is hurting many including our seniors, single moms and the disabled. Lethbridge MP Rachael Thomas says so many Canadians are hurting right now.Read More

The popularity of hydrogen

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has been promoting many of our natural resources including hydrogen. Hydrogen appears to be in abundance in Alberta and many argue it is a solid alternative fuel source. John Sutherland is the CEO of Alberta H2. He says what is great about hydrogen is that it is a byproduct from the […]Read More

Alberta businesses surviving the Pandemic

It appears as though a number of Medicine Hat businesses were able to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lisa Kowalchuk is the Executive Director of the Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce and she says a big reason why was the entrepreneurial spirit of so many business owners in SE Alberta.Read More