Canadian Taxpayers Federation applauding Taxpayer Protection Act expansion

The United Conservative Party promising to prioritize the expansion of the Taxpayer Protection Act is welcome news according to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. The group says the act would be one of the strongest laws in North America to protect taxpayers. Kris Sims, the Alberta Director with the CTF, says even though this is a step in the right direction, carbon taxes are not included in this legislation.  

“We’re looking to the future. Someday, Trudeau’s, mandatory minimum federal carbon tax could be gone. That could be scrapped. Our fear is what’s preventing that carbon tax from flying home to roost back here at home in Alberta. So what we are urging the UCP to do is to further expand the Taxpayer Protection Act to include a shield against a provincial carbon tax.”

Sims adds, the act means politicians will have to hold a referendum and ask Alberta taxpayers before taking any more money.  

Angela Stewart

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