Green Acres Foundation offering on site polling stations for residents

Seniors who are faced with mobility issues won’t have to leave the comfort of their own homes when voting in the provincial election. Voting polls have been put in place at all of the Green Acres Foundations sites across the city. They will give residents the opportunity to vote without having to leave the site. An official with Green Acres, Dawna Coslovi, says it is important to have these types of supports available for seniors living in our community so they can have a voice too.  

“Some of them, it’s a little bit more difficult for them. They might not drive or just getting to a forum can be difficult. So we also try to arrange forums at all of the sites. We invited the candidates to come in and on specific dates so the residents had an opportunity to hear the platforms and also ask the candidates specific questions.”

Coslovi says this is not the first time they have brought in polling stations to the sites and it won’t be the last. The Alberta provincial election is coming up on Monday. 

Angela Stewart

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