Green N Yellow polar plunge partnership

The Green N Yellow group is partnering with GPS Container for their annual Polar Plunge coming up next month. They are collecting donations which will all be donated to Can Praxis, an equine Assisted Therapy for Veterans and First Responders who suffer from PTSD. The president of the group explains the importance behind hosting this type of initiative.  

“PTSD goes way further than just veterans. Veterans, my heart is personally with them, but also first responders, nurses, doctors, police officers. It’s really important, especially with groups like Can Praxis. Steve Critchley has put together an arsenal of help and they actually go in and work with them. I find a very important to answer your question. They go in there and work with them from the ground. They find the holes where it started, the roots of the problem. And on top of that, they work with horses at our ranch.”

The group’s Polar Plunge will take place on June 24th. 

Angela Stewart

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