UCP Leader Candidate Danielle Smith recalls biggest issues while campaigning

UCP Leader Candidate Danielle Smith is making one last push in hopes she will become leader of the Conservative Party this week. During a media availability over zoom, Smith recalled some of the biggest issues she has campaigned on including her stance on Ottawa. Smith says we need to keep pushing back against Ottawa, adding the federal government keeps making decisions that damage Alberta’s economy.

“They also have made decisions that have made life unaffordable and we have to do everything we can to protect our citizens. In addition to that the issues around healthcare and how we improve healthcare is an everybody issue. I have been talking about that on every stop as well as health spending accounts, and making sure we are bringing our young ones up to grade level in their course work. I can’t control what the media decides to cover I know that you have been very interested in one part of my platform, but I assure you that those are the issues that have campaigned on from one part of the province to the other and those are the issues I will be able to bring in,’ said UCP Leader Candidate Danielle Smith.

We find out who the new leader of the UCP is on Thursday October the 6.

Angela Stewart

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