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How the church helps during difficult times.

The federal government says we may be headed to a recession. Many Canadians are already finding it tough with six per cent inflation. The cost of food and rent continues to climb. It appears as though more churches are helping Canadians through difficult times. That is according to Pastor Doug Shimoda with City Light Church […]Read More

Trucking industry rep discusses inflation impact.

We have all seen the huge increase in food prices as inflation is still hovering well over six per cent. Some food items, however, have seen an increase of 10 to 20 per cent over the past year including many of the vegetables we enjoy. Some of rising food prices can be attributed to the […]Read More

Inflation affecting restaurants

Thanks to inflation dining out is getting more expensive. This is not only having an effect on individuals but also on restaurants. Vicky Vanden Hoek, owner and operator of Honkers Pub and Eatery says business has partially slowed down because of the high costs she has incurred.   “Sort of the chatter is that they’re […]Read More

Lethbridge MP says Canadians need help now.

When it comes to the cost of food a recent survey says 24 percent of Canadians are buying less of it due to higher prices. The study says inflation is hurting many including our seniors, single moms and the disabled. Lethbridge MP Rachael Thomas says so many Canadians are hurting right now.Read More

Farmers say less fertilizer means less food.

A number of Canadian farmers we have interviewed say they are not happy with Ottawa’s recommendation that they cut their fertilizer use by 30 percent in order to cut emissions. Political reporter Brian Lilley says a number of farmers he has chatted with say if the Trudeau Liberals want producers to use less fertilizer that […]Read More

Inflation continues to affect grocery bills

Inflation continues to have an effect on everything, especially the price of food. Stats Canada says grocery bills climbed as the price increased by 9.9 per cent year over year. Trevor Lewington with Economic Development Lethbridge says the best way for people to save at the checkout is to shop for items locally and to […]Read More

Inflation affecting parts and fuel for trucking companies

Inflation is high right now and a spokesperson with a Lethbridge trucking company says they are seeing a rise in the number of things needed for the trucking industry such as fuel and equipment for the vehicles. Al Nelson with CJD Trucking says supply chain issues still are causing problems as well. “Everything else is […]Read More

What is driving up fuel costs?

With inflation at an all time high, life is getting to be quite costly for Canadians especially when we pull up to the pumps. I asked political reporter Brian Lilley, what is causing the price of fuel to increase by so much. The average price in Canada is now over $2.00 a litre. Brian says […]Read More

No food bank in the Town of Raymond, community food

Thanks to a $13,650 grant through a community foundation group, the Town of Raymond will soon have a fully functioning food storage shed for people to come and grab what they need. As BCN’s Angela Stewart explains, the help is so needed especially at a time when inflation is through the roof.  Read More

Lethbridge MP says constituents not happy with high inflation

Many Alberta families are hurting due to the high cost of fuel for their vehicles, higher natural gas prices for their homes and the cost of groceries is also going thru the roof. Many are not happy about it and a number of Lethbridge residents have brought their concerns to Lethbridge MP Rachael Thomas. Thomas […]Read More

Ottawa Year in Review

Political reporter Brian Lilley discusses some of the biggest stories from Parliament Hill in 2021 including the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal election and inflation.Read More

Food bank use on the rise in Lethbridge

According to Food Banks Canada’s annual HungerCount report that was released Thursday morning, more than 116,300 Albertans visited a food bank in March 2021.  That reflects a 30 percent increase from previous years.  Executive Director with the Interfaith Food Bank, Danielle McIntyre says, increased demand, plus rising costs due to inflation created by pandemic-related spending […]Read More