Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden tourist numbers increasing

With Canada’s inflation rate dropping slightly to 2.8 per cent, officials at Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden says they have been seeing more visitors at the park. Eric Granson, the Marketing Manager for Nikka Yuko, says their numbers have been great, especially since the beginning of the summer.  

“During May we had a huge turnout in last month, in June we had 6,200 people, which last year in June we had 5,000. So we’re already 1200 above where we were last month. And we’re just constantly seeing new people, new faces, which has been great. And people visiting from other towns, which has been fantastic. Honestly, everywhere from I’ve had people from Holland all the way in Europe, all the way down to the United States, down in Florida, Texas. It’s been crazy. People have been coming in to see this wonderful, beautiful place,” said Eric Granson, Marketing Manager, Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden.

The gardens summer season will continue until early October.  

Angela Stewart

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