Inflation affecting restaurants

Thanks to inflation dining out is getting more expensive. This is not only having an effect on individuals but also on restaurants. Vicky Vanden Hoek, owner and operator of Honkers Pub and Eatery says business has partially slowed down because of the high costs she has incurred.  

“Sort of the chatter is that they’re being more selective. They’re being more selective the number of times they go out to eat because just the fact that eating out in public is more expensive than eating at home, that’s always been the case. So they may be not treating themselves as well. We still find, like, the worker who is on lunch budgets and stuff like that, they’re still coming out to do it. But we’re finding the nighttime crowd is slower just because A, we’re in January, but B because of the inflation,” said Vicky Vanden Hoek, Owner and Operator, Honkers Pub & Eatery.

Vanden Hoek says when it comes to tracking down certain products for food, they too have been impacted by supply chain issues.  

Angela Stewart

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