Inflation affecting parts and fuel for trucking companies

Inflation is high right now and a spokesperson with a Lethbridge trucking company says they are seeing a rise in the number of things needed for the trucking industry such as fuel and equipment for the vehicles. Al Nelson with CJD Trucking says supply chain issues still are causing problems as well.

“Everything else is going up too, it’s not just fuel. I mean the cost of equipment has skyrocketed the availability of parts because of the supply chain issues. You know we are waiting for parts longer, if we need to order a new truck you’re looking at a year and a half to two years to get a new truck because again of supply chain. The prices are just really through the roof so everything. We are paying more for maintenance, tires, so it’s not just fuel,” said Al Nelson, Dispatcher with CJD Trucking.

Nelson says they have been dealing with supply chain issues for the last eight months and don’t expect a reprieve any time soon.

Angela Stewart

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