‘Tough times tougher for Canadians’: Canadian Taxpayers Federation on carbon tax hike

Canadians can expect to fork out more money as the federal carbon tax went into effect today, increasing about 11 cents per litre at the pumps. However, Albertans will feel a little bit of relief as the province scrapped the provincial gas tax-saving us about 13 cents a litre. Franco Terrazzano with the Canadian Taxpayers Federations says we have to give credit where credit is due.

“Premier Jason Kenney does deserve credit for providing much-needed fuel tax relief. What’s so unfortunate is that Ottawa continues to make the tough times tougher with another carbon tax hike. We have to remember this is the third time that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is raising his carbon tax during the pandemic, and unfortunately, he doesn’t want to stop there. By 2030, Trudeau wants his carbon tax to reach nearly $0.40 per litre of gasoline, so the Trudeau government continues to soak Canadians with higher taxes,” said Franco Terrazzano, Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

Terrazzano says the Carbon Tax will be costing Canadians just over $8.00 every time you go to fill up your car.

Angela Stewart

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