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What is Lent and Ash Wednesday?

Easter is just around the corner and many Christians around the world are honoring Lent. Some believe that Ash Wednesday is a kick off to Lent. How is Ash Wednesday celebrated and why do believers oftentimes put a black cross on their foreheads? We posed that question to Pastor Rohan Crown with Amazing Grace Church […]Read More

The impact of Athletes in Action

 Athletes in Action has been bringing people to Christ through sports for a number of decades. Harold Cooper is a Lethbridge pastor and used to work with the organization when he was a chaplain for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Pastor Cooper says it was kind of a rough beginning reaching people for Christ through football.Read More

Friday will be an early blessing for Alberta pastors

While many restrictions are being eased next week, the church is getting an early blessing.  As of Friday, places of worship will be allowed to house congregations of up to 15 percent of their fire code capacity.  Local pastors say that the re-opening is a sign that God is up to something.Read More

Pastor Stickel on what God says about fear.

Kelly Stickel is the senior pastor of My Victory Churches in southern Alberta. He says during uncertain times like these it is important to replace the “what ifs” in life with “God Is.” He explains the importance of relying on God when we are most fearful.Read More

The Cultural Assault on Christianity

The last number of years have been a wild ride for North America and much of the globe. Not only Covid, but many other issues which seem to be dividing our culture. Healthy debate and free speech it seems, are no longer tolerated. Biblical Christianity is certainly not in fashion. Joining us to discuss this […]Read More

The 12 Truths to Change Your Marriage

Getting married is relatively easy; but staying married, and staying in love – is a much harder task. Joining us via Skype from Cincinnati, Ohio, is Nina Roesner, the executive director of Greater Impact Ministries and author of 12 Truths to Change Your Marriage – available at www.GreaterImpact.orgRead More

The Reliability and Authenticity of the Bible

The Bible is the best selling book of all time, but many today doubt its authenticity and reliability. Can we trust what it says is actually from God, and is the text we read today, the same as it was thousands of years ago? To discuss this further is Dr. Craig Evans, a Distinguished Professor […]Read More