Lethbridge College hosts International Turban Day event

It was the first of its kind at the college, an international Turban Day event took place on Wednesday. As part of the Sikh community, members wear a turban as it is a mandatory part of the religion and it is also a form of respect for the culture. An official with the Sikh Society of Lethbridge explains how the day came about.

“You know 9/11 happened in 2001 and people of the turban they were being targeted, they were seen as other or different and then they were being targeted. So just to raise awareness about the turban in general but mostly about the importance of the turban in the Sikh’s life because we have to wear it every day. We have to actually wear it around like every morning,” said Gurpreet Singh, President of the Sikh Society of Lethbridge Alberta.

Singh adds other cultures including Muslims and Hindus may also wear turbans.

Angela Stewart

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