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Second annual Canada Ag Days returns to Lethbridge College

Canada Ag Days kicked off at Lethbridge College on Thursday. The event is an opportunity for students to learn more about agriculture and what the industry entails. As Angela Stewart reports, over the next four days students will be able to participate in a wide variety of activities including meeting with industry professionals and being […]Read More

Issue of food security discussed at Lethbridge College

The issue of food security is one of the biggest problems we are currently facing. That is according to Dr. Digvir Jayas, a University of Manitoba professor who presented at the Lethbridge College on Tuesday. He had some interesting things to say about how proper grain storage and drying systems can sustain the world’s food […]Read More

Farming Smarter Open Farm days event this weekend

Farming Smarter is hosting its annual Open Farm Days event this weekend. It is an opportunity for people to learn all about where our food comes from. An official with Farming Smarter says they hope guests will learn lots about the industry when they attend the event. “To have an idea of the science and […]Read More

Lethbridge College to host weekend Open Farm Days

Lethbridge College will be taking part in this year’s Open Farm days for the very first time. This weekend’s event will be an opportunity for families to take in all the agriculture research that will be on display as well as learn about the industry. “I think historically Open Farm days have been hosted by […]Read More

UCP leadership candidate Brian Jean’s platform

BCN’s Hal Roberts chatted with UCP leadership hopeful and Fort McMurray/Lac La Biche MLA, Brian Jean, about what he would bring to the table as Alberta Premier. They discussed crime, opioid crisis, agriculture, supporting seniors and health care. The UCP will choose its new leader on October 6th. Watch the full interview here.Read More

Researchers look at developing rice as a new crop in

It is still too early to tell but researchers are looking at whether rice could soon become a crop in Southern Alberta. An irrigated crop scientist out of the University of Lethbridge along with Galaxy Ag Ventures are looking at ways to potentially add rice as a crop to this region as it has been […]Read More

Government support lacking in agriculture innovation hubs

Agriculture Innovation Hubs have been around for a while with some having been around for 30 to 40 years. The hubs are a group of farmers who are interested in creating an organization that can support the industry by means of research and education. The problem now however is that support from the government is […]Read More

Seedy Saturday returning after two year hiatus

Lovers of seeds are set to enjoy an event with an agricultural flare this weekend. Seedy Saturday is taking place on April 23 at Casa from 1-4pm for the first time since 2019. The Executive Director of Environment Lethbridge, Kathleen Sheppard, says the event is a fun way to get out and talk with exhibitors […]Read More

CP Rail strike could of had major impacts to farmers

The CP Rail strike that took place earlier this week, although short, could’ve had major impacts affecting many areas including the supply chain. Tory Campbell Reeve for Lethbridge County says with there being so much uncertainty right now, adding any more disruption to the supply chain could’ve been devastating. “I think just given the fact […]Read More

Moisture needed for southern Alberta farmers

Farmers on the prairies are still feeling the effects of last year’s drought. That is according to Lynn Jacobson, president of the Alberta Federation of Agriculture. Lynn says if producers don’t see a lot of moisture this spring it could be bad news for many of us.Read More

Ag Expo kicks off in Lethbridge

Agriculture exhibitors from around the world have gathered in Lethbridge to showcase their top products to improve ag production. The Ag Expo and North American Seed Fair kicked off on Wednesday at Exhibition Park. There are over 200 exhibitors this year. Lethbridge and District Exhibition CEO, Mike Warkentin, says agriculture is the lifeline of southern […]Read More

Agriculture Day celebrated across Canada

Tuesday was Canada Agriculture Day and it’s a time where Canadians celebrate not only where most of our food comes from but also the people who grow and produce our food. Byrne Cook with Lethbridge College explains the importance of the agriculture industry. “I think one of the really interesting things about agriculture is that […]Read More

Agriculture minds connect at Farming Smarter event

The Farming Smarter Conference and Trade Show has brought together some of the brightest minds in agriculture. The two-day event is a way for farmers and scientists to connect and present their research. A total of 140 people attended Wednesday’s event. As Micah Quinn explains, members of Farming Smarter are pursuing new research opportunities in […]Read More

Ag Expo set for return

Agriculture exhibitors are set to head back to the Ag Expo and North American Seed Fair at Exhibition Park. From March 2nd to the 4th, over 400 exhibitors will showcase innovative products that will improve agriculture production. The bulk of the vendors will be set up indoors with larger machinery taking their spots outside. The […]Read More

Grain prices continue to surge

Canola prices broke past the $1,000 per metric tonne mark over the past week.  And wheat prices are continuing to surge. David Lea with Market Place Commodities in Lethbridge says, drought has been the big driver in prices.Read More

Extreme heat having a negative impact on some crops in

The extreme heat wave in southern Alberta last week has had a negative effect on some crops and vegetables in the region. With the lack of moisture and above seasonal temperatures, some crops have already started to dry up.    Crops around southern Alberta are being affected by the extreme heat that took over much […]Read More

U of L launches Agri-food Summer Series, brining research and

With Lethbridge located in the heart of southern Alberta, agriculture plays a major role in our economy. The University of Lethbridge has introduced the Agri-food Summer Series where local producers and researchers will discuss different agricultural topics related to the industry.    U of L research associate, Dr. Kim Stanford, will be the first speaker […]Read More

Lethbridge College receives irrigation research funding

When it comes to growing crops, you need every drop of water you can get.  Irrigation researchers at Lethbridge College have been working on optimizing the amount of water needed to grow crops in a variety of fields.And thanks to more than $420,000 in grant money from Results Driven Agriculture Research, the studying can continue. […]Read More

Lethbridge College adds Bachelor of Agriculture Science degree program

Lethbridge College has announced it is adding another bachelor degree program to its list. The Bachelor of Agriculture Science will offer opportunities for career development, a path to further education and hands-on research, while focusing on the science of agriculture. A spokesperson with Lethbridge College says the new degree will benefit the agriculture sector in […]Read More

CEO of Exhibition Park discusses new Agri-food Hub and Trade

Lethbridge’s Exhibition Park is set to double its current hosting capacity thanks to construction of a new 268 thousand square foot Agri-food Hub and Trade Centre. The facility is expected to open in early 2023. The CEO of Exhibition Park, Mike Warkentin, says they decided to go with a few themes for the new facility […]Read More

Canola exceeds its smoking point with record prices

You may have noticed prices of commodities going up recently.  Gasoline and lumber come to mind, and you can add canola to that list.   It’s the Bitcoin of the agriculture industry – canola.  Before last weekend, its price reached record highs before slowly coming down.  But, what caused the surge?  Ward Toma, who is […]Read More

Lethbridge MLA says it is tough times for many politicians

 If you want to look up a profession that appears unpopular right now it may be a politician. Many government leaders are being blasted during the pandemic mostly due to the lockdowns and lack of vaccines. Lethbridge East MLA, Nathan Neudorf, says he is hearing it from both sides…the right and the left.Read More

Update from Ottawa with Lethbridge MP Rachael Harder

As we have reported on Bridge City News the federal Conservatives have demanded that the Liberals come out with a reopening plan to help save thousands of businesses across the country. So many are hurting during the pandemic. Lethbridge MP Rachael Harder says the lockdowns have been tough on everyone’s mental health.Read More