Not many grasshopper infestation solutions for homeowners

Grasshoppers can be a nuisance especially for many of our farmers and ranchers. When it is hot and dry here in southern Alberta we tend to see a lot of them. The more of these insects we see, the more it creates an infestation scenario. A professor with the University of Lethbridge says since agricultural insecticides are not allowed to be used within city limits, the best thing a homeowner can use to limit the number of grasshoppers on your property is water.

“Continuous watering with a sprinkler will hold them down so that at least they are not moving very much. If it’s a very small place you could vacuum and confine and control them that way. But there really aren’t many spraying solutions that you could in the city that would hold grasshoppers down. That’s a big problem, it would be nice if that was changed so there was something that could be used,” said Dan Johnson, Professor of Environmental Science at the University Of Lethbridge

Johnson says there are certain barriers which may also keep the unwanted pests out.


Angela Stewart

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