Lethbridge Police Service Community Survey results are in

The results of the 2022 Community Survey through the Lethbridge Police Service are in, and it shows more than three quarters of respondents are satisfied with the department. Eighty-six per cent said the service is adequate to good, however about 14 per cent rated the LPS as poor.

“We can never have 100 per cent of people saying that they love the police or anything. Anytime you have a 100 per cent you have to question that validity of that survey. Fourteen per cent obviously is a number that we need to look at and we need to see what we can do to better serve that percentage. However, surveys are very much as you know just a simple question asked. The 14 per cent, my message to them is they need to let us know what makes them not satisfied,” said Shahin Mehdizadeh, Chief of Police for the Lethbridge Police Service.

Mehdizadeh says they hope more citizens will come forward and share what makes them dissatisfied with the services of the department to hopefully decrease that number in the future.


Angela Stewart

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