Enrollment capacity to expand at University of Lethbridge

Nearly $4-million will be given to the University of Lethbridge to help expand enrollment capacity in various programs. The money is part of Budget 2023 and the three areas which will receive a funding boost are the Bachelor of Nursing, Computer Science, and Data Science. President of the U of L, Mike Mahon says all these programs are in high demand so having the extra investments will help students have better access to post-secondary studies.  

“There’s no question that Alberta needs a growing workforce to support the growing nature of Alberta. We’re we’re back on the population growth side of things in Alberta. And so being able to have more people going to post-secondary so that they can get good jobs and have opportunities to contribute to the economy and to our communities, I think is really important.”

With the three programs, a total of 192 more seats will be added so more students have access to the education they desire. 


Angela Stewart

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