Dr. Plaxton Elementary School in south Lethbridge holds grand opening

A new elementary school in Lethbridge had its Grand Opening on Friday. Dr. Plaxton Elementary School, named after Robert Plaxton who served as the Lethbridge School Division superintendent for multiple years. Members from the school board, City of Lethbridge, and government officials were in attendance to mark the opening. The new school represents Plaxton’s motto of “No kid left behind”.


“When he [Robert] was here, his key thing was always to make learning work for every kid. An important thing that he always brought to his approach to education was that no child, basically he would say this, is left behind and that every child is given every opportunity they can to excel, to become the best student they can be,” says Dr. David Plaxton, Robert Plaxton’s son.


“We chose to honour Dr. Robert Plaxton, he was a superintendent in our division for many years and his mark has been left across our city. So, we felt he was a man who served with a passion for children, who wanted to see children learn and grow and succeed in their educational journey and we wanted to honour the integrity and passion he served with,” says Christine Light, Chair of the Board, Lethbridge School Division.


The school is now home to Grades K-5, with roughly 400 students in the classrooms this year.

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