Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce held federal candidates forum on Thursday

There are half a dozen candidates running for this year’s federal election in Lethbridge including Conservative Incumbent Rachael Harder, Liberal Party candidate Devon Hargreaves, PPC candidate Kimmie Hovan, NDP candidate Elaine Perez, Christain Heritage Party candidate Geoffrey Capp, and Independent candidate, Kim Siever. 


Incumbent Rachael Harder started off Thursday’s forum hosted by the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce by saying it’s time for change.


Harder was asked about why she voted against Bill C-6, a federal ban on the practice of conversion therapy. 


“This bill was brought forward to the committee and it was studied extensively. The definition of ‘conversion therapy’ is extremely vague. As a result experts from across the country recommended amendments be made. Those amendments were ignored, and not only ignored, but actually refused by the Liberal government. It is actually as if the Liberal government purposefully wanted the legislation to be muddy, which is sad,” says Harder.


Devon Hargreaves, who brought the petition to parliament strongly disagreed. 

Also a question of interest across Canada is the advance of climate change in Canada. 


“We’re all moving away from oil and gas, it’s inevitable, but we’re going to continue to work to support that industry as we reduce greenhouse gas emissions. [The Liberal] platform is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 per cent,” says Liberal candidate for the Lethbridge Riding, Devon Hargreaves. 


As well, navigating Canada’s debt is on the top of many voters’ minds. PPC candidate Kimmie Hovan says the PPC is committed to combating  the national debt if elected.


“It’s balancing a budget and creating sustainability for our country before we put it anywhere else and then once that’s done we can tax cuts,” says Hovan. 


Voters head to the polls on Monday.

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