City unveils Indigenous artwork

If you happen to drive down Great Bear Boulevard on the westside, you might notice a few Blackfoot art pieces. Three indigenous artists completed several pieces including a big mural outside Fire Station 5 that reflects Blackfoot culture and territory in our city. Hali Heavy Shield, the artist behind the mural, says it’s truly an honour to have created a piece for the city and explains the meaning behind her work.

“As an intergenerational residential school survivor, I am really trying to learn my language and I think incorporating it in my art is really important. The mural behind me is reminiscent of a tipi design and so I wanted to really show or make reference to home of the Fire Hall No. 5. The symbolism on top is in reference to stars and the cross to as well is a butterfly that’s put on the back of a tipi,” said Hali Heavy Shield, Artist of the mural outside Fire Station No.5.

This is the first time that three artists have collaborated on pieces and the hope is to have more indigenous artwork displayed around the city.

Angela Stewart

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