Two Guys & a Pizza Place partners with city for curbside organics program

The City of Lethbridge is partnering with Two Guys & a Pizza Place in part with the Curbside Organics program. Customers will see a stamp inside their pizza boxes to help remind them where the boxes go. The owner of Two Guys & a Pizza Place says it’s important to educate the public on the program and the stamp is a good reminder.  

“The city designed the stamp and they’re looking for other businesses to partner on that as well. We just simply stamp a pile of boxes before we fold them, you know, kind of dries up, and then we fold the boxes and then they’re in there. We’re mostly doing the bigger size boxes, and when you open it, it’ll be inside there, and then it’ll be a reminder of where that pizza box goes,” said Cory Medd, Owner, Two Guys & a Pizza Place. ” You know, we’ve been a part of the Lethbridge community for 21 years now, and we’re proud of that. And our values have always been great customer service and excellent pizza and food. And if we can do that in a sustainable way as well and educate the public on this new program.”

To celebrate the partnership the public has a chance to win one of five Two Guys Go Green prize packs. The first city wide green cart collection will begin on May 16th. 

Angela Stewart

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