Town of Coaldale partners with Boys & Girls Club

Boys & Girls Club Lethbridge has signed a new 10-year agreement to provide the Town of Coaldale with childcare services. That will include after-school programming and summer youth camps at the town’s new multi-use recreation centre expected to open next year. BGC Lethbridge recently received $300,000 from the province’s Community Facility Enhancement Program for the construction of an indoor play structure inside of the rec centre. The town’s director of community services says this new partnership will help to address daycare options which are quite limited in Coaldale. 

“Well, during the last campaign, it was apparent that Coaldale had a daycare shortage. And then you factor in the federal announcement of funding for Daycares, helping to assist people going back to work. And with that funding in place now there’s more people taking advantage of it. And so there’s even a bigger shortage in Coaldale. And so couple that together with the location where this daycare is going to be set right in a brand new recreation center that’s very going to be very special to Coaldale, but also attached to the new school, it’s going to create a lot of synergies.”

Officials say providing access to quality childcare in Coaldale will not only support healthy childhood development, but it will also support working parents and by extension the local economy.  

Angela Stewart

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