New survey shows people are not prepared for flooding season

Spring is just around the corner and that means flooding season is upon us. A new survey put out by Public Safety Canada finds that most Canadians are not prepared for flooding and weather-related risks. The survey also found that only about 11 per cent of Canadians have taken the steps to prepare for a flood. A spokesperson for Public Safety Canada discusses some things people can do to prepare.

“I think when people think about flooding they tend to think about the big events, the big floods where it affects the entire neighborhoods, but its more than just that. You could have property damage from a fairly local event like a significant rainfall or a flash thaw. So it’s really about taking the time to do things around your property, just do the little things that you can do to help mitigate that. Stuff like cleaning out your gutters in the fall, making sure you have a sump pump that works, has a backup battery,” said Tim Warmington, Spokesperson for Public Safety Canada.

More tips on how to prevent a flood can be found on the Public Safety Canada website.

Angela Stewart

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