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Will Ukraine-Russian war turn nuclear?

There does not appear to be any end in sight with the war between Ukraine and Russia. There is even talk that the conflict may turn nuclear. Our foreign affairs expert Lisa Daftari explains. Daftari will also discuss if legislation was passed in Israel prohibiting the preaching of the Gospels of Jesus. Watch the full […]Read More

The war Ukraine, one year later – Dr. David Marples

It’s been a year since Russian forces invaded Ukraine, and the war may not end anytime soon according to David Marples, Professor of Russian and East European History at the University of Alberta. In this interview with Jeannette Rocher, Marples says the support Ukraine is receiving from NATO countries has given them more leverage, making […]Read More

Ukrainian Christmas on the minds of local residents

Christmas begins on Saturday for Ukrainians, and families who have settled into Lethbridge will be celebrating. A Ukrainian family opened up their home on Friday to showcase some traditional food from their country as well. As BCN’s Micah Quinn explains, the Rotary Club of Lethbridge was instrumental in helping close to 20 Ukrainian families get […]Read More

Harrowing journey from Ukraine to Lethbridge discussed at SACPA

A Ukrainian woman detailed her harrowing journey to Canada at a SACPA session on Thursday. Alona Sinchuk was forced out of her country two weeks after the Russians invaded Ukraine. As BCN’s Micah Quinn explains, she has been in Lethbridge for a few months now and credits the help of local nonprofits to helping her […]Read More

Canadian injured during South Korean stampede

A Canadian was among those injured in a crowd surge that killed more than 150 people in Seoul, South Korea on Sunday evening. Global Affairs Canada confirms that officials are in touch with local authorities to gather more information and provide consular assistance to those affected. South Korean officials say at least 153 people, mostly […]Read More

More migrants crossing borders illegally

Our foreign affairs expert, Lisa Daftari, says there are reports coming from the UN allegedly informing migrants around the world how to get to the US and crossing the border illegally. Six migrants from Afghanistan recently shared the story when they were apprehended in Guatemala.  Read More

Close to $12,000 for Lethbridge Corn Maze fundraiser

Ukrainian relief efforts are continuing thanks in part to the hard work of many Christian organizations. The Lethbridge Corn Maze held a fundraiser on Monday afternoon that brought in a massive haul. As BCN’s Micah Quinn explains, the owner of the maze says the funds will be given to Samaritan’s Purse Canada to help with […]Read More

Russian officials allegedly wanting Putin to resign

There are calls in Russia for Russian President Vladimir Putin to not only step down but also to be charged with treason in connection with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Our foreign affairs expert Lisa Daftari says, some government officials are saying Putin should just cut his losses when it comes to the war. Read More

Flag flying high for Ukrainian Independence Day

A rally was held on Wednesday evening in Lethbridge to acknowledge a special day for Ukrainians. Wednesday was Ukraine’s Independence Day. The nonprofit group Project Sunflower hosted the event. As BCN’s Micah Quinn explains, a flag was raised at Lethbridge City Hall to show solidarity with Ukraine in its war with Russia.Read More

Could China help end war between Ukraine and Russia?

The Ukrainian war with Russia continues. There are reports that the Russian military is beefing up its troops in the southern part of Ukraine preparing for another offensive. Is there any end in sight to this war? Our foreign affairs expert, Lisa Daftari, says Ukrainian President Zelensky has even reached out to China to help […]Read More

Alberta government supporting more Ukrainian refugees

More than 3,800 Ukrainian refugees are making their way to Alberta. The Alberta government is giving those arriving after July 25th six months of temporary income assistance. Our legislative reporter, Tyler Dawson, says the province continues to support those who are fleeing the war with Russia. He shares the details with BCN’s Hal Roberts. Read More

War in Ukraine damaging food supply chain

As the war in Ukraine rages on, the country’s agriculture minister says close to 25 percent of Ukraine’s arable crop land has been destroyed. Our foreign affairs expert, Lisa Daftari, says this has negatively impacted the global food supply chain.Read More

New chapter in the lives of Ukrainian family

A Ukrainian family has made the trek from their war torn country to the city of Medicine Hat after fleeing the violence of the Russian invasion. The family has now settled into the community and have been working with a local church to start a new chapter. As BCN’s Micah Quinn explains, the family mentioned […]Read More

European leaders urging Putin and Zelensky to talk

The war between Ukraine and Russia is now heading into its fourth month. European leaders are urging Russian President Vladimir Putin to meet with Ukrainian President Volydmyr Zelensky to end the war. We asked our foreign affairs expert, Lisa Daftari, what a conversation might sound like between the two leaders.Read More

Total of 28 Ukrainians touch down in Toronto

A total of 28 Ukrainians touched down in Toronto recently thanks to the generosity of Samaritan’s Purse and the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel. The Christian organization helped fly the Ukrainians out of Poland on its DC-8 aircraft. They will be staying with friends and relatives in the greater Toronto area, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vegreville and […]Read More

Russia threatening NATO?

The Russian space agency chief is threatening western powers in its support of Ukraine during its war with Russia. The Russian official boasted about nuclear capabilities and claims that NATO would lose in 30 minutes. Our foreign affairs expert Lisa Daftari questions that threat. Read More

Russia threatening countries supporting Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin is now issuing threats to any country that is supplying weapons to Ukraine during the war. That includes Britain, the US and Canada. Our foreign affairs expert Lisa Daftari says his threats of attack don’t just end with Ukraine.Read More

Is Moldova next for Putin?

A lot of security experts say Russian President Vladimir Putin will not stop at Ukraine but Moldova may be his next target. Some, including our foreign affairs expert Lisa Daftari, believe that Putin is interested in re-unifying the USSR.Read More

Ukraine mayor says chemical weapons used

Our foreign affairs expert, Lisa Daftari, says a Ukrainian mayor says the remains of chemical weapons were found after Russian troops withdrew from the northern Sumy region of Ukraine. As she explains the weapons were classified as a nerve agent. She also discusses the latest clashes during Easter and Passover at the Temple Mount in […]Read More

Canada offering more aid to Ukraine

We chatted with political reporter and one of our regular contributors, Brian Lilley, to find out how much aid Canada has given Ukraine in its fight against Russia. Brian also discusses who the frontrunners are when it comes to the CPC leadership race. The federal Conservatives are choosing their new leader in September.Read More

Lethbridge Fire Department donates surplus supplies to Ukraine

Staff from the Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services showcased five pallets of fire fighting equipment supplies on Monday afternoon that will be sent to help firefighters in Ukraine. A few of the items include medical kits, PPE, and disposable wound care items. As BCN’s Micah Quinn explains, the donations will be given to an organization […]Read More

Fundraiser for Ukraine totals $3200

Analog Books in Lethbridge held a fundraiser selling UGears, which are wooden mechanical models. A total of $3200 will be sent to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation to assist Ukrainians who are facing hardships as the war with Russia rages on. The owner of the bookstore, Penny Warris, says close to 100 of the UGears were sold […]Read More