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Total of 28 Ukrainians touch down in Toronto

A total of 28 Ukrainians touched down in Toronto recently thanks to the generosity of Samaritan’s Purse and the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel. The Christian organization helped fly the Ukrainians out of Poland on its DC-8 aircraft. They will be staying with friends and relatives in the greater Toronto area, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vegreville and […]Read More

Russia threatening NATO?

The Russian space agency chief is threatening western powers in its support of Ukraine during its war with Russia. The Russian official boasted about nuclear capabilities and claims that NATO would lose in 30 minutes. Our foreign affairs expert Lisa Daftari questions that threat. Read More

Russia threatening countries supporting Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin is now issuing threats to any country that is supplying weapons to Ukraine during the war. That includes Britain, the US and Canada. Our foreign affairs expert Lisa Daftari says his threats of attack don’t just end with Ukraine.Read More

Is Moldova next for Putin?

A lot of security experts say Russian President Vladimir Putin will not stop at Ukraine but Moldova may be his next target. Some, including our foreign affairs expert Lisa Daftari, believe that Putin is interested in re-unifying the USSR.Read More

Ukraine mayor says chemical weapons used

Our foreign affairs expert, Lisa Daftari, says a Ukrainian mayor says the remains of chemical weapons were found after Russian troops withdrew from the northern Sumy region of Ukraine. As she explains the weapons were classified as a nerve agent. She also discusses the latest clashes during Easter and Passover at the Temple Mount in […]Read More

Canada offering more aid to Ukraine

We chatted with political reporter and one of our regular contributors, Brian Lilley, to find out how much aid Canada has given Ukraine in its fight against Russia. Brian also discusses who the frontrunners are when it comes to the CPC leadership race. The federal Conservatives are choosing their new leader in September.Read More

Lethbridge Fire Department donates surplus supplies to Ukraine

Staff from the Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services showcased five pallets of fire fighting equipment supplies on Monday afternoon that will be sent to help firefighters in Ukraine. A few of the items include medical kits, PPE, and disposable wound care items. As BCN’s Micah Quinn explains, the donations will be given to an organization […]Read More

Fundraiser for Ukraine totals $3200

Analog Books in Lethbridge held a fundraiser selling UGears, which are wooden mechanical models. A total of $3200 will be sent to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation to assist Ukrainians who are facing hardships as the war with Russia rages on. The owner of the bookstore, Penny Warris, says close to 100 of the UGears were sold […]Read More

Local bookstore raising money for Ukraine

A local bookstore is raising funds for Ukraine as the war with Russia rages on. Analog Books in Lethbridge is selling wooden model kits and all of the money will go toward helping out the people of Ukraine until March 31. As Video Journalist Micah Quinn explains, a group from our city will then ship […]Read More

Salvation Army raising funds for Ukraine

The Salvation Army provides critical humanitarian aid where they are most needed. You can make donations to the army which will be sent to help out those who have been displaced in Ukraine. Donald Bladen, the Community Ministries Officer for the Lethbridge Salvation Army, says the group has been out on the front lines to […]Read More

Lethbridge Fire Department to send items for Ukraine

Lethbridge City Council unanimously approved the Lethbridge Fire Department to donate expired or surplus items to support the war in Ukraine. Life cycled medical kits, expired disposable wound care items, and personnel protective equipment will be shipped off to help Ukrainian first responders. The Lethbridge Chief of Fire and Emergency Services, Greg Adair, says the […]Read More

Medical supplies and medication needed for Ukraine

A Lethbridge group is asking for some much needed donations for the people of Ukraine who are struggling as the war with Russia rages on. The group calling themselves Lethbridge Assistance for Ukraine is asking for medication and medical supplies that will be shipped to Ukraine. “Most of the medical supplies that we’re looking for […]Read More

Town of Vegreville lending a helping hand to Ukraine

The Town of Vegreville Alberta has a large contingent of Ukrainian people. The mayor of the town says the war in Ukraine is really affecting many in his community. Tim MacPhee says many of their residents are first-generation Ukrainians and they are doing their part to help the victims of war. “We have a sister […]Read More

A plea from Ukraine’s president

Ukrainian President Zelensky pleaded with Canada and NATO allies to push for a No Fly Zone over his country. Political reporter Brian Lilley says it is something the Ukrainian president desperately needs right now to help defend his country. Read More

Could more countries join the Ukraine/Russian war?

The attack in Western Ukraine was very close to Poland which is a NATO ally. Some are quite concerned that if Russia ends up rolling into Poland more countries would get involved. Thousands of American troops are already stationed in the Baltic States and are on standby. We asked our foreign affairs expert, Lisa Daftari, […]Read More

Local school staff donate to charity to help Ukraine

Teachers and staff members at Our Lady of the Assumption School have rallied together and are showing their support for the people of Ukraine. During their Spiritual Development Day, staff members donated to the school’s charity of choice, Development and Peace, with the funds going towards humanitarian efforts overseas. An official with the school says […]Read More

Lethbridge woman fears for family in Ukraine

A Lethbridge Ukrainian woman who has family connections in Ukraine says she fears she may never hear from her loved ones again as the war continues in her home country. As Angela Stewart explains, the woman’s brother is working directly with those who have been directed affected by the missile attacks and bombings. On Saturday another […]Read More

PM did not promote Alberta oil

There are some who believe PM Trudeau dropped the ball when asked if Canada would increase oil and gas production in light of many nations banning Russian oil due to the invasion of Ukraine. Political reporter, Brian Lilley, says sadly Trudeau did not promote Alberta oil.Read More

Mental Health Concerns For Putin

A number of military analysts say the Russian president we know today is not the same Vladimir Putin we knew a couple of years ago. Christian Leuprecht is a professor at the Royal Military College of Canada. Leuprecht says a number of people are now questioning Putin’s mental health.Read More

Music fundraiser to benefit Ukraine

A Lethbridge music group has decided to raise funds for those who are in dire need in Ukraine. The Lethbridge Community Band Society is hosting a concert to show support for the country. Attendees can make donations in support of the war-torn country. As Micah Quinn explains, this is the first live concert for the […]Read More

Banning Russian Oil Good For Canada

As the U.S. looks at implementing more sanctions against Russia including the potential of no longer importing Russian oil and gas that could be good news for Canada. Our foreign affairs expert Lisa Daftari says the Biden Administration should focus on bringing in energy from allies and not from countries like Russia and Iran.Read More

Samaritan’s Purse bringing in emergency field hospital for Ukraine

Christian organization, Samaritan’s Purse Canada, is ready to deploy some much needed help to both Poland and Ukraine. Disaster response specialists including eight Canadians have been on the ground in Poland, Romania and Moldova since last week conducting needs assessments and preparing a strategic response. The organization has distributed over 20 tons of food to […]Read More

Lethbridge honours Ukraine with Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is a day celebrated by many in the Catholic community. Pope Francis declared it as a day of fasting and prayer for peace in Ukraine as the war with Russia rages on for a seventh day. As Micah Quinn explains, schools here in Lethbridge are celebrating the day by wearing blue and yellow […]Read More

Putin and Hitler similarities

Many people on social media have been comparing Vladimir Putin to Adolph Hitler saying their approaches and attitudes have been quite similar. Political reporter, Brian Lilley, says Putin wants to unite all Russian speakers and that is something Hitler did during the First and Second World War when it came to those who spoke German. Read More